BGN 2: Radiosensitivity and use of its generalizing indicators in barley hybrids and cultivars BARLEY GENETICS NEWSLETTER, VOL. 2, II. RESEARCH NOTES
Manzyuk and Kozachenko, pp. 48-49

II.16. Radiosensitivity and use of its generalizing indicators in barley hybrids and cultivars.

V. T. Manzyuk and M. R. Kozachenko. Ukrainian Institute of Plant Industry, Plant Breeding and Genetics, Kharkov, UGS.S.R.

The air-dry seeds obtained in the year of crossing from three simple hybrids and six of theie parents of filmy two-rowed spring barley were treated with 10 kr of Co60 gamma-rays.

The results of this experiment showed different reaction of barley cultivars and F1 hybrids to radiation; besides, after-effect for presowing irradiation was different at the different stages of their development (Manzyuk and Kozachenko 1968; Kazachenko and Manzyuk 1971). Each criterion of radiosensitivity separately (germinating capacity, seed-setting, height, survival, bushiness of plant et al.) defines the specific character of reaction of different organisms to mutagen effect. Generalizing criteria (the number of survived plant per plot, the number of productive stalks per plot, the number of kernels obtained per one sown seed) give us the possibility of the most complete characterization of barley radiosensitivity. The last generalizing criterion which summarizes the mutagen after-effect for all separate indicators at all growth stages of M1 plants can serve as an indicator of general radiosensitivity.

F1 hybrids were on the same level with their parents in a majority of separate radiosensitivity indicators. Obviously hybrids possessed certain parental cultivars, characters which determined their radiosensitivity levels. This, in the first place, implies the importance of hybridization in determining the radiosensitivity of heterozygous hybrids and constant cultivars developed from them. Heterosis and some other factors play an important role in this, too.


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