BGN 2: Genetic stocks for Re 2, wst 3 and Lk BARLEY GENETICS NEWSLETTER, VOL. 2, I. SPECIAL NOTICES
Tsuchiya, p. 4

I.8. Genetic stocks for Re 2, wst 3 and Lk

As reported in this issue (BGN, 2: 80;104;110) the following three genetic stocks were found to have chromosome structural changes:

Re 2 for purple lemma and pericarp
Reciprocal translocation, T?-6 (satellite)

wst 3 for white streak
Paracentric inversion which assumed most likely to affect the genetic behavior of uz-wst 3 linkage.

Lk for awnless in Engleawnless
Most likely a paracentric inversion. Therefore it is suggested not to use this stock until further information is obtained.

Re 2 gene will be isolated from the translocation. Cytogenetic nature of wst 3 stock will be critically analyzed.

Until all problems are solved, please do not use these genetic stocks for your genetic studies as the marker, unless you would like to study the problem itself.

T. Tsuchiya
Genetic Stock Center

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