BGN 2: Remarks to the proposals in the Report of the Barley Genetics Committee, Bozeman, August 1971 BARLEY GENETICS NEWSLETTER, VOL. 2, I. SPECIAL NOTICES
Scholz, pp. 8-9

I.11. Remarks to the proposals in the Report of the Barley Genetics Committee, Bozeman, August 1971.

The following remarks are in the order of the rules:

1. The term "language of higher internationality" should, in my opinion, be defined for use in barley genetics and restricted to Latin and English, at least as a rule. Otherwise there will perhaps be used half a dozen of languages.

2. The new proposal is indeed consequent. However, I have some doubt whether it is really rational to convert all existing gene symbols of less than three letters to the three letter system. Therefore, I would prefer to restrict the new proposal to all new gene symbols. However, of course, both possibilites seem to be accepatable.

3., 4., 5. I find the new proposals very good.

6. The new proposal is no doubt a progress, since the Swedish group can retain their system for their numerous mutants. But the differences between the two systems are too large. Why do you insist on omitting the hyphen between basic symbol and locus number in the new (American) system, whereas retaining the hyphen and moreover superscripts in the Swedish system? Compare the differences:

des2b and ert-a-23

Both systems would be more similar in the following way:

des-2b and ert-a23

and both sides would have to make minor changes only. See also my first remarks of August 18, 1971. Perhaps you may anew discuss this question in January in Tucson. The new proposal still avoids the problem what to do if identity of certain loci of both systems will be established. As already explained in my first remarks (page 3), I feel this problem must be solved now, and a reasonable compromise should be arranged between your and the Swedish group. - Or do you intend to change, according to rule 2, l to ert, gs to cer, ea to mat, etc.?

7. through 14. No comments.

I miss in the new Bozeman proposals (in the copy I have) some other items which are covered in the proposals in BGN 1, as e.g. the procedure for requesting a symbol for a new mutant, the symbolization of translocations and BTT, and the designation of map positions of genes, etc. Hagberg and von Wettstein commented on some of those points as you know and also I included them in my first remarks.

F. Scholz

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