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Foreword, p. ii
Acknowledgments, p. iii
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Table of Contents, pp. iv-vii (this file)

I. Special Notices
1. Call for contributions to BGN, Vol. 4, p. 1
2. Request for genetic stocks from the Stock Center at Colorado State University, p. 1
3. International Symposium on Haploids in Higher Plants, p.2
4. Supplemental guidelines for contributors of Barley Genetics Newsletter, p. 2
5. BGN Back numbers are available, p. 3
6. The Third International Barley Genetics Symposium, p. 4

II. Research Notes
1. The possible use of mo-type mutant in hybrid barley production. H. Ahokas, p. 4
2. Evidence of cytoplasmic evolution from matings between barley and Elymus. H. Ahokas, p. 5
3. Concentric leaf spot in barley. H. Ahokas, p. 7
4. Trimethyl phosphate: A weak mutagen. T. J. Arnason, p. 9
5. Test for allelism between Hiproly and notch mutants. H. C. Bansal and S. Bhaskaran, p. 10
6. Toward a more efficient mutation breeding programme. A. K. Bhan, p. 11
7. High lysine mutants in barley. H. Doll, A. J. Anderson, B. Køie and J. Ingversen, p. 12
8. Leaf pubescence in barley. G. Fedak, p. 13
9. Significance of erectoides mutants for practical breeding purposes. J. Grunewaldt, p. 14
10. Fragment trisomics derived from BTT 2-7d ms 2. P.T. Gymer, p. 16
11. Allelism among light green, lg, seedling mutants. T. E. Haus, p. 17
12. High lysine barley - Progress report. J. H. Helm and M. F. Mederick, p. 18
13. Two x-ray induced mutants in Moravian barley. T.E. Haus, p. 19
14. Cyclic heterozygote advantage at the R/r locus. S. Jana, B. L. Harvey and E. T. Thomas, p. 20
15. Production of monoploids in barley. C.J. Jensen, p. 23
16. Proposal for a new procedure for the preparation of gene maps in barley. J. Jensen, p. 24
17. Locating some genes on barley chromosome 5. J. Jensen and J. H. Jørgensen, p. 25
18. Allelism testing of some chlorina mutants. A. Kleinhofs and B. J. Millham, p. 28
19. Genetic analysis of EMS-induced mutants in barley. T. Konishi, p. 29
20. The induction of morphological barley mutants having new specific and generic characters with the methods of radiation and chemical mutagenesis. M. R. Kozachenko, p. 32
21. Realization of mutations in M2-families due to diplont and haplont selection. M. R. Kozachenko, p. 33
22. Efficiency of inducing mutations with chemical supermutagens in relation to barley genotype, mutagen specificities and concentrations. M. R. Kozachenko and V. T. Manzyuk, p. 35
23. Inducing productive and valuable mutants for plant breeding of spring barley. V. T. Manzyuk and M. R. Kozachenko, p. 36
24. Mutation spectra of eceriferum genes. U. Lundqvist and D. von Wettstein, p. 37
25. Carbon dioxide compensation values of barley trisomics. R. G. McDaniel, p. 38
26. Confounding the quandary of zygotic DNA. L. W. Mericle and R. P. Mericle, p. 39
27. Peculiarities of protein content inheritance in spring barley hybridization. G. F. Nikitenko and M. A. Polukhin, p. 43
28. Parental form genotype affecting protein content in F1 and F2 hybrids. G. F. Nikitenko and M. A. Polukhin, p. 43
29. A new type of cultivar, Mitake, with very few in number, but thick and stiff culms. S. Nonaka, p. 45
30. Genetics and cytology of the translocation T2-7a. R. T. Ramage, M. Paluska and G. A. Wiebe, p.  47
31. Induction of telotrisomics. H. I. Sayed and S.B. Helgason, p. 49
32. Genetics of frosthardening ability in 2 crosses between spring and winter barley. E. Schwarzbach, p. 50
33. Double trisomics in barley. R. J. Singh, p. 53
34. Allelism testing among three yellow streak mutants. R. J. Singh and T. Tsuchiya, p. 54
35. Occurrence of small telocentric fragment chromosome in the progenies of a plant with 15 + 1 Acro 4A chromosomes. R. J. Singh and T. Tsuchiya, p. 55
36. Ring chromosome plants in barley. R. J. Singh and T. Tsuchiya,  36 [p. 56]
37. Continued linkage studies on eceriferum mutants in barley. A. B. Søgaard, 37 [p. 57]
38. Feeding of detached tillers improves haploid production in barley. N. C. Subrahmanyam and K. J. Kasha, p. 62
39. Two new mutant genes on chromosome 4. R. Takashi, J. Hayashi, and I. Moriya, p. 65
40. Allelic relationship between two glossy seedling genes, gl 3 and gl 4 in barley. T. Tsuchiya, p. 66
41. Allelism testing between established marker stocks and Swedish mutants. T. Tsuchiya, p. 67
42. Further results of allelism testing of white streak mutants in barley. T. Tsuchiya, p. 68
43. Further results on the allelic relationship between wst and wst 3. T. Tsuchiya and Debra A. Jensen, p. 69
44. Allelism tests of some chlorina mutant genes of barley. T. Tsuchiya and Debra A. Jensen, p. 71
45. Occurrence of primary trisomics in the progenies of monotelotrisomics. T. Tsuchiya and R. J. Singh, p. 72
46. Chromosomal chimerism in barley. T. Tsuchiya and R. J. Singh, p. 73
47. Cytological identification of a reciprocal translocation found in a genetic stock (Utah 3), for purple lemma and pericarp (Re 2). T. Tsuchiya and R. J. Singh, p. 74
48. Further information on telotrisomic analysis in barley. T. Tsuchiya and R. J. Singh, p. 75
49. Genetic stability of doubled haploid lines in barley. E. J. Walsh, K. J. Kasha and E. Reinbergs, p. 78
50. Work in progress. M. S. Wolfe, R. A. Finch and R Johnson, p. 80
51. Occurrence of the ml o locus for mildew resistance. M. S. Wolfe and R. A. Finch, p. 80
52. Experimental programs at the Welsh Plant Breeding Station, Plas Gogerddan, Aberystwyth, Wales, p. 81

III.  Genetic and Cytological Technique
1. Further improvement in handling of lethal genetic stocks in barley. T. Tsuchiya and T.E. Haus, p. 82

IV.  Reports from Coordinators
1. Barley chromosome 2. G. W. R. Walker, p. 83
2. Coordinator's report:  Chromosome 3. R. Takashi, p. 84
3. Coordinator's report:  Chromosome 4. T. E. Haus, p. 84
4. Translocations and balanced tertiary trisomics. R.T. Ramage, p. 85
5. Trisomics and aneuploids. T. Tsuchiya, p. 86
6. The genetic male sterile barley collection. E.A. Hockett, p. 87
7. Report on genes for resistance to pests. J.G. Moseman, p. 89
8. Progress report on diallelic tests between mapped chloroplast genes and chloroplast genes in stock collection at Copenhagen. D. von Wettstein and K. Kristiansen, p. 90
9. Desynaptic genes. J. M. Hernandez-Soriano and R. T. Ramage, p. 91
10. Proposal from the chairman of the International Committee for Nomenclature and Symbolization in barley. T. Tsuchiya, p. 92
11. Current activity at the Barley Genetic Stock Center at Colorado State University. T. Tsuchiya, p. 95
12. New gene symbols allotted and the revision of previous symbols in barley. T. Tsuchiya, p. 97

V. Current Linkage Maps
1. New linkage maps of barley. T. Tsuchiya, p. 99

VI. List of Genetic Stocks
1. List of genetic stocks for which BGS number has been assigned. T. Tsuchiya, p. 104
2. Stock list for the eceriferum mutants II. U. Lundqvist and D. von Wettstein, p. 110
3. Stock list for nuclear gene mutants affecting the chloroplast. D. von Wettstein and K. Kristiansen, p. 113

VII. Description of Genetic Stocks, p. 118

VIII. List of Recent Publication, p. 132 (not included)

IX. Errata, p. 137

X. Supplemental Mailing List, p. 139 (not included)

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