Coordinator's Report: Barley Chromosome 1H (5)



Coordinator's Report: Barley Chromosome 1H (5)


Jens Jensen


Risø National Laboratory, Plant Research Department

Resistance Biology Programme

Building PRD-330, P.O. Box 49

Frederiksborgvej 399, DK-4000 Roskilde, Denmark


Hard-copy edition pages 141 - 143

A fertile wheat-barley addition line that carries the pair of barley chromosome 6H and is hetromophic for the barley chromosome pair 1H/1HS (chromosome 5) was established (Islam and Shepherd, 2000).


A morphological mutant gene lel1 (leafy lemma) was mapped on barley chromosome 5 (1H) (Pozzi et al., 2000).


A linkage map of chromosome 5 (1H) based on the ”Oregon Wolfe Barley” was reported (Costa et al., 2001). The map is 159 cM long and includes the morphological marker Blp (B, black lemma and pericarp) and 79 molecular markers of different types.


A map of the Mla region with closely linked markers and resistance gene analog families was reported by Wei et al., 1999. At least 7 of the 11 nucleotide-binding site/leucine-rich repeat (NSB-LRR) resistance homologues co-segregated with Mla.


Resistance gene analog (RGA) family homologous to the maize rust resistance gene Rp1-D were mapped to three positions on chromosome 5 (1H) (Brueggeman et al., 2001).


RGA Resistance gene analog families homologous of the pic20 clone that earlier were reported to co-segregate with a barley stem rust resistance gene Rpg1 on chromosome 5 (1H) (Ayliffe et al., 2000), was mapped on chromosome 5 (1H). None of the sub clones were found to co-segregate with Rpg1, or with other known disease resistance genes in barley (Rostoks et al., 2001).


A linkage map (Fig. 1) of barley chromosome 5 (1H) is calculated by the method described by Jensen and Jørgensen, 1975, and Jensen, 1987. The linkage data used to calculate the map were those used in the previous linkage map of chromosome 5 (1H) (Jensen, 2000) and in addition the linkage data of Garvin et al., 2000 and Perovic et al., 2000 that were given in last years coordinator’s report (Jensen, 2000). The map has small changes relatively to the previous map. The map has 104 markers and new on the map is the scald resistance gene Rrs14.






Figure 1. The barley chromosome 5 (1H) linkage map is drawn in two sections with positive and negative map positions, respectively. The distances between neighbouring loci are given to the left, and the loci names and positions to the right. All distances are given in centimorgans (cM).


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