Barley Genetics Newsletter Volume 32



Table of Contents

Volume 32


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Information about the Barley Genetics Newsletter   p.i.

Instructions for contributors   p. ii


Research Notes

Update of barley stripe rust resistance QTL in the Calicuchima-sib x Bowman mapping  population. 

         A. Castro, P.M. Hayes, T. Fillichkin, and C.Rossi,   p. 1

Targeted saturation mapping of a high recombination region in barley using ESTs identified via synteny to rice.

         D. A. Kudrna, K. Johnson, R. Brueggeman, A. Druka, and A. Kleinhofs,   p. 13

Comparative study on morphological and physiological traits related to drought resistance between xeric and mesic Hordeum spontaneum lines in Israel.

         C. Guoxiong, T. Krugman, T. Fahima, A. B. Korol, and E. Nevo,   p. 22

Mapping and sequencing of the barley putative hypersensitive induced reaction genes.

         N. Rostoks, D. Kudrna, and A. Kleinhofs,   p. 34

Internal transcribed spacer (ITS) sequences of ribosomal DNA of wild barley and their comparison with ITS sequences in common wheat. 

         S. Sharma, S. Rustgi, H.S. Balyan, and P.K. Gupta,   p. 38

Reactions of barley accessions carrying different rym genes to BaYMV and BaMMV in Japan and Germany. 

         T. Konishi, F. Ordon, and M. Furusho,   p. 46

Current List of New and Revised Barley Genetic Stock Descriptions p. 47

         J.D. Franckowiak and U. Lundqvist,  
      Note: This file is very large and may take a few minutes to download
New and Revised Barley Genetic Stock Descriptions.

         J.D. Franckowiak and U. Lundqvist,   p. 49


Reports of the Coordinators

Overall coordinator’s report.

Udda Lundqvist,  p. 138

Chromosome 1H (5)

         Jens Jensen,   p. 141

Chromosome 2H (2)

         J.D. Franckowiak,   p. 144

Chromosome 5H (7)

         George Fedak,   p. 147

Chromosome 7H (1)

         Lynn S. Dahleen,  p. 149

Integrating Molecular and Morphological/Physiological Marker Maps

         A. Kleinhofs, p.152

Barley Genetic Stock Collection

         A. Hang,  p.160

Trisomic and aneuploid stocks

         A. Hang,   p. 161

Translocations and balanced tertiary trisomics

         Andreas Houben and Gottfried Künzel,   p. 161


         Wolfgang Friedt,   p. 161

Eceriferum Genes

         Udda Lundqvist,   p. 165

Nuclear genes affecting the chloroplast

         Diter von Wettstein,   p. 166

The Genetic Male Sterile Barley Collection

         M.C. Therrien,   p. 166

Ear Morphology Genes

         Udda Lundqvist,   p. 167

Semidwarf genes

         J.D. Franckowiak,   p. 168


         B.O. Bengtsson and Torbjörn Säll,   p. 171

Early Maturity Genes

         Udda Lundqvist,   p. 172

Biochemical mutants:  Barley nitrate and nitrite reductase mutants

         A. Kleinhofs,   p. 174

Wheat-barley genetic stocks

         A.K.M.R. Islam,   p. 178

Disease and pest resistance genes

         Brian J. Steffenson.,   p. 179