Starting with BGN volume 33, submissions will be rapidly published via the internet at  Approximately monthly, new submissions will be appended to existing submissions; the page numbers of existing submissions will not change and citation information will remain constant. BGN 33 will consist of all submissions received prior to the end of the calendar year of 2003, and will be compiled into a hardcopy version that will be available for purchase. Send submissions to:

Dr. Phil Bregitzer, BGN Technical Editor, USDA-ARS, 1691 S. 2700 W.,

Aberdeen, ID, 83210, USA.

Telephone: (voice) 208-397-4162 ext. 116; (fax) 208-397-4165



Manuscripts should be written in English and be brief. Each paper should be prepared separately, with the title and the authors' names and addresses at the top of the first page. For each paper to be included in Barley Genetics Newsletter Volume 33, submit a file to the Technical Editor in one of the following ways (in order of preference)

1. An attachment to an e-mail message

2. A 3.5" diskette; include also one high quality printed copy

3. High-quality paper copy


Instructions for file preparation

Text and tables for each article can be in one file, but place each figure in a separate file. Name these files with your initials, a manuscript number, and "txt" or "fig" (in the case of separate files for text and figures), and a number for each figure (in the case of separate files). For example, the files for a manuscript plus two figures from Phil Bregitzer would be: pb1txt.wpd, pb1fig1.gif , and pb1fig2.gif .


File Formats for Text and Tables: Preferred: WordPerfect 6.0 or newer version.  Word 97 or newer is also acceptable. Macintosh formats are not acceptable


Please keep formatting simple and consistent with that of BGN 32.  Use Times New Roman Font, 12 pt, with both right and left justification, except for the title and author information and tables, which should be centered. Please use only tabs and hard returns in the preparation of your file. Tables must be prepared using the table feature of your word processing program, and not prepared using tabs. Please do not add additional lines to your table except with the table formatting tools in your word processor. Please use center justification for tables, and not "full" justification (i.e. left and right justification, that is used for text). Figures can be submitted in any common format but must not require color to be read. Figures will be published in color only in the electronic version.

Important! Please contact the technical editor prior to sending large image files (over 8 MB either singly or in total) to avoid problems with limited server capacity.

References should be single spaced, with hanging indentations.

If you have any questions on formatting, please see or contact the technical editor.



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