Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Barley Genetics Newsletter, Volume 35, 2005

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Cover Page

Information about the Barley Genetics Newsletter, p. i

Instructions for contributors, p. ii

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Research Notes

Research notes for the Barley Genetics Newsletter, Volume 35, will be posted as they are submitted.

Maize Transposable Elements and Barley: A New Population for Genetic Research (.doc, .pdf)

1 - 2

   Jaswinder Singh, Shibo Zhang, Peggy G. Lemaux, Phil Bregitzer, Anne K. Sturbaum,

   Vince Edwards, Pat M. Hayes, Lol D. Cooper, Luis Marquez-Cedillo, Victoria Carollo

Barley mutants with short roots (.doc, .pdf)

3 - 8

   Malgorzata Nawrot, Iwona Szarejko and Miroslaw Maluszynski

Genetic diversity in barley from west China based on RAPD and ISSR analysis (.doc, .pdf)

9 - 22

   Yong-Cui Hou, Ze-Hong Yan, Yu-Ming Wei, You-Liang Zheng

Races of Puccinia striiformis f. sp. hordei, the pathogen of barley stripe rust in the United States in 2004 (.doc, .pdf)

23 - 26

   Xianming Chen and Laura Penman

Adaptive methylation pattern of ribosomal DNA in wild barley from Israel (.doc, .pdf)

27 - 35

   Shailendra Sharma, Harindra Singh Balyan and Pushpendra Kumar Gupta

Genetic analysis of several root hair mutants of barley (.doc, .pdf)

36 - 38

   I. Szarejko, A. Janiak, B. Chmielewska, M. Nawrot

Coordinator's Reports

Report of the Barley Genetic Coordination Workshop at the IX International Barley Genetics Symposium (.doc, .pdf)

100 - 102

   Udda Lundqvist and Duane Falk

Coordinator's Report (.doc, .pdf)

103 - 143

   Udda Lundqvist

Nomenclature Rules (.doc, .pdf)

144 - 149

   Jerome Franckowiak and Udda Lundqvist

Swedish Mutants (.doc, .pdf)

150 - 154

   Udda Lundqvist

Barley Genetic Stocks (.doc, .pdf)

155 - 210

   Jerome Franckowiak, Andy Kleinhofs and Udda Lundqvist