Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Barley Genetics Newsletter, Volume 36, 2006

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Research Notes

A new allele in a uzu gene encoding brassinosteroid receptor (.doc, .pdf)

1 - 2

   D. Gruszka, J. Zbieszczyk, M. Kwasniewski, I. Szarejko and M. Maluszynski

Response of Induced Dwarf Mutants of Barley to Exogenous Application of Gibberellic Acids (.doc, .pdf)

3 - 5

   Bandarupalli Ramesh and Bateshwar Kumar

Cytological investigation of winter two-rowed barley cv. Castor, the first Bulgarian cultivar of high cold resistance (.doc, .pdf)

6 - 9

   J. Stoinova, K. Tsvetkov and S. Tsvetkov

Estimates of Heritability of Major Malting Quality Traits in Canadian Barley (.doc, .pdf)

10 - 11

   M.C. Therrien

SSR Linkages to Eight Additional Morphological Marker Traits (.doc, .pdf)

12 - 16

   L.S. Dahleen and J.D. Franckowiak

Expression of a P450 gene in barley (Hordeum vulgare) (.doc, .pdf)

17 - 27

   L. Nguyen and R.J. Henry

Description and technological characteristic of the new winter two-rowed barley cultivar Caskadior 3 (.doc, .pdf)

28 - 29

   J. Stoinova, K. Tsvetkov, S. Tsvetkov

New SSR markers for barley derived from the EST database (.doc, .pdf)

30 - 43

   K.A.Beaubien and K. P. Smith

Variability, correlation and Regression Analysis in Third Somaclonal Generation of Barley (.doc, .pdf)

44 - 47

   P. K. Kole

Coordinator's Reports

Coordinator's Reports (.doc, .pdf)

48 - 90

   Udda Lundqvist