Table of Contents



Table of Contents

Barley Genetics Newsletter, Volume 38, 2008


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Instructions for contributors, p. ii

Memoriam for Jørgan Løhde, p. iii


Research Notes


Gamma-induced pericentric inversion in barley (Hordeum vulgare L. (.doc, .pdf)


K.I. Gecheff


Yield response to treatment with vesicular-arbuscular myccorrhiza (VAM) in a breeding population of barley (.doc, .pdf)


M.C. Therrien


A vrs1 mutant in CIho 4196 to facilitate breeding of 6-rowed cultivars with Fusarium Head Blight resistance (.doc, .pdf)


C. Boyd, R. Horsley, A. Kleinhofs


Worth of Genetic Parameters to Sort out New Elite Barley Lines over Heterogeneous Environments (.doc, .pdf)


N. Chand, S.R. Vishwakarama, O.P. Verma, M. Kumar


Phenotypic Stability of Elite Barley Lines over Heterogeneous Environments(.doc, .pdf)


N. Chand, S.R. Vishwakarama, O.P. Verma, M. Kumar



Coordinator's Reports


Report of the Workshop on Barley Genetic Linkage Groups, Barley Genome, Genes and Genetic Stocks at the
X. International Barley Genetics Symposium.
Alexandria, Egypt, April 2008 (.doc, .pdf)


U. Lundqvist and A.K. Brantestam


Overall Coordinator’s Report (.doc, .pdf)


U. Lundqvist


Table of Barley Genetic Stock Descriptions, Latest Version (.doc, .pdf)


J.D. Franckowiak, U. Lundqvist


Rules for Nomenclature and Gene Symbolization in Barley (.doc, .pdf)


J.D. Franckowiak, U. Lundqvist