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Title page, p. i
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Table of Contents, pp. iv-vi (this file)

I. Special Notices
1. The Third International Barley Genetics Symposium, p. 1
2. Announcing the Ninth American Barley Research Workers' Conference, p. 1
3. Third International Barley Genetics Symposium, July 7-12, 1975, p. 2
4. Barley Genetics Newsletter, p. 3

II. Research Notes
1. Temperature and recombination values. S. Andersen and K. Andersen, p. 5
2. Some observations on the quenching of EMS mutagenic action in barley by the use of sodium thiosulfate solutions. T. J. Arnason, p. 6
3. A new character in barley--the squareheaded ear. F. Kh. Bakhteyev, p. 7
4. Identification of a new high protein strain of barley. H. C. Bansal, p. 8
5. Allele tests of gs and cer mutants. R. F. Eslick, p. 9
6. Two genetic male steriles, msg6 and msg,,bk, assigned to chromosome 6. R. F. Eslick, R. T. Ramage and D. R. Clark, p. 11
7. Positioning of genetic male sterile 5 (msg5) on chromosome 3. R. F. Eslick and W. L. McProud,  p. 16
8. Isolation of a set of primary trisomics in Klages barley. C. E. Fastnaught and R. T. Ramage,  p. 23
9. Effect of light intensity on expression of leaf pubescence. G. Fedak, p. 24
10. Three chemical races in barley. S. Fröst, p. 25
11. Successive fragmentation in balanced tertiary trisomics. P. T. Gymer, p. 28
12. Duplication of tandem satellites, Progress report. P. Hagberg, p. 29
13. Allelism tests of chromosome 4 mutants. T. E. Haus, p. 31
14. Telotrisomic studies for locating genetic control of chromosome elimination. K. M. Ho and K. J. Kasha, p. 33
15. Chromosome elimination in interspecific hybrids involving Hordeum arizonicum (6x) X Hordeum vulgare (2x) and Hordeum arizonicum (6x) X Hordeum bulbosum (2x). R. Islam and D. H. B. Sparrow, p. 36
16. Quantitative genetic analysis with qualitative definable loci. S. Jana, p. 37
17. Genetic linkage map of barley chromosome 5. I. A procedure to estimate linkage maps applied to literature data. J. Jensen, p. 40
18. Genetic linkage map of barley chromosome 5. II. An experiment with nine widely spaced loci. J. Jensen and J. H. Jorgensen, p. 42
19. Location of the ml-o locus on barley chromosome 4. J. H. Jørgensen, p. 43
20. Induced mutagenesis and problem of short culm and lodging resistance in barley. M. R. Kozachenko, p. 44
21. Studies of the pleiotropic character complexes in erectoides mutants. V. Lind and H. Gaul, p. 45
22. Genetic studies of some quantitative characters of barley. V. T. Manzjuk and P. N. Barsukov, p. 48
23. Performance and seed quality of tetraploid barley. V. T. Manzjuk and P. N. Barsukov, p. 49
24. Relation of nuclear proteins and lysine level in Hiproly barley. R. G. McDaniel and M. Chery, p. 50
25. Histological and cytochemical studies on five genetic male-sterile lines of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.). H. R. Mian, J. Kuspira, G. W. R. Walker and N. Muntjewerff, p. 52
26. Linkage between the loci Amy 1 (alpha - amylase), o (orange lemma) and xn (xantha seedling). G. Nielsen and 0. Frydenberg, p. 53
27. Induction of chlorophyll-deficient mutations in Steptoe by sodium azide. R. A. Nilan and C. Sander, p. 55
28. Further information of the rnt locus on chromosome 3. S. Nonaka, p. 56
29. The inheritance of high lysine and crude protein content in crosses between Hiproly and a normal lysine, low protein barley. Odd-Arne Olsen and K. Aastveit, p. 58
30. The effect of sodium azide on the cell cycle of the embryonic barley shoot. O. W. Pearson, R. A. Nilan and C. Sander, p. 61
31. A paracentric inversion in barley. G. Prasad, p. 62
32. Increasing the mutagenic efficiency of sodium azide in barley. C. Sander and R. A. Nilan, p. 63
33. Ditelotetrasomic plants in barley. R. J. Singh and T. Tsuchiya, p. 65
34. Further information on telotrisomic analysis in barley. R. J. Singh and T. Tsuchiya, p. 66
35. Three-point tests on chromosome 1 and 7. B. Søgaard, p. 70
36. New linkage data obtained during 1972-73 season. R. Takahashi, J. Hayashi and I. Moriya, p. 74
37. Preliminary results on genetic studies of outer glume characters in barley. T. Tsuchiya, p. 76
38. Allelism of f for chlorina and lg for light green (chlorina) in chromosome 2S in barley. T. Tsuchiya, p. 79
39. Allelic relationship of genes for short-awned mutants in barley. T. Tsuchiya, p. 80
40. Further results of allelism testing in barley. T. Tsuchiya, p. 82
41. Additional cases of maternal inheritance of chlorophyll mutations in barley. T. Tsuchiya, p. 86
42. Root character of curly mutants in barley. T. Tsuchiya, p. 88
43. Linkage data for rb and mt3. G. W. R. Walker, p. 90
44. Agronomic performance of eight chromosome barley in Montana. G. A. Wiebe, p. 91
45. Eight paired barley lines. G. A. Wiebe, R. T. Ramage and R. F. Eslick, p. 93

III.  Genetic and Cytological Technique
1. Identification of zebra (zb) stripe character at early seedling stage. T. Tsuchiya and R. J. Singh, p. 96

IV.  Reports from Coordinators
1. Coordinator's report: Revised list of coordinators in barley genetics. T. Tsuchiya, p. 98
2. Coordinator's report:  Chromosome 2. G.W.R. Walker, p. 99
3. Coordinator's report:  Chromosome 4. T. E. Haus, p. 101
4. Coordinator's report:  Chromosome 5. J. Jensen, p. 102
5. Coordinator's report:  Chromosome 7. G. Fedak, p. 106
6. Report from Genetic Stock Center at Fort Collins Colorado. T. Tsuchiya, p. 107
7. Coordinator's report:  Trisomics. T. Tsuchiya, p. 110
8. Translocations and balanced tertiary trisomics. R.T. Ramage, p. 111
9. Autotetraploids. O.W. Friedt and H. Gaul, p. 113
10. The genetic male sterile barley collection. E.A. Hockett, p. 121
11. Desynaptic genes. J.M. Hernandez-Soriano and and R.T. Ramage, p. 123

V. Current Linkage Maps
1. Linkage maps of barley as of March 1974. T. Tsuchiya, p. 126

VI. List of Genetic Stocks
1. Supplemental list of genetic stocks for individual chromosomes, p. 131

VII. Description of Genetic Stocks, p. 134

VIII. List of Recent Publications on Barley Genetics, p. 143 (not included)

IX. Errata
1. Errata in Barley Genetics Newsletter, p. 149
2. Errata in the barley genetics literature, p. 150
3. Corrections of barley genetics literature, p. 151

X. Mailing List, p. 153 (not included)
1. Libraries of universities and institutions, p. 153
2. Personal, p. 157
3. Supplemental list, p. 175

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