First Announcement

 “International Symposium on Genomics-based

 Plant Germplasm Research”




Chinese Academy of Agricultural sciences (CAAS)

CGIAR, Challenge Programme (CP)

International Plant Genetic Resources Institute (IPGRI)

National basic research program of China (973)

Date and Venue

April 25-28, 2005, Beijing

Symposium Information and Invitation

Plant genomics has already had a significant impact on plant germplasm research, to the extent that a new research field, plant genomics-based germplasm research, has been generated. Efforts in this area are being made in both developed and developing countries. This will be the first symposium of its kind in the world, with the aim of bringing researchers in this new field together to exchange the ideas and share state of the art information. The symposium will consolidate and accelerate the progress in plant genomics-based germplasm research.

The objectives of the symposium will be to promote effective and efficient applications of plant genomic approaches in to germplasm research, accelerate the progress of plant germplasm research in the new field, exchange ideas and methods for germplasm research, and formulate builda cooperative network for future international genomics-based germplasm.

The main topics of the symposium will focus on following themes:

o       Genomic diversity and core collections

o       Plant germplasm as a resource for gene discovery

o       Plant germplasm as a resource for varietal enhancement

o       Bioinformatics of and plant germplasm

Each of themes will start with keynote addresses followed by short presentations and discussions including round table discussions. The language of the symposium will be English.


Scientific Committee

Steven D. Tanksley, Cornell University, USA (Chairman) Are you sure about his participation? Steve told me he was invited in spring 2004 and he would not go in 2005.

Merideth Bonierbale, CIP

ADH Brown, CSIRO, Australia                   

De de Vicente Carmen, IPGRI

Yuchen Dong, CAAS, China

Andreas Graner, IPK, Germany

Jean Christophe Glaszmann, Cirad, France

M.D. Gale, JIC, UK

DA Hoisington, CIMMYT

Jizeng Jia, CAAS, China

Maarten Koornneef, WU, The Netherlands

Peter Langridge, Adelaide University, Australia

Jiayang Li, CAS, China

Ken McNally IRRI

Roberto Tuberosa, University of Bologna, Italy

Jianmin Wan, CAAS, China

Robert Zeigler, CP 

Qifa Zhang, Huazhong Agricultural University, China

Huqu Zhai, CAAS, China

Masahiro Yano, NIAR, Japan

Important dates

Submission of registration form: 31 December 2004

Second announcement: 31 January 2005

Submission of abstract: 28 February 2005 Second announcement: 31 January 2005


Accommodation and registration fee

Accommodation: $35-50 per room (hotel to be identified)

Registration fee:         $250 for public research institution

$350 for private company

$100 for student


Everyone who is interested in Genomics-based Plant Germplasm Research is invited to send abstracts of papers and the registration form by email to Dr.Lifeng Gao (lifgao@ or airmail:

Institute of Crop Germplasm Resources, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

12# Zhongguancun Nandajie, Beijing 100081, China

Tel: 86-10-62186623  Fax: 86-10-62186623