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23nd Stadler Genetic Symposium



“Genome Exploitation:

Data Mining”




March 31 – April 2, 2003

University of Missouri- Columbia






23nd Stadler Genetics Symposium

Organized by: JP Gustafson, R Shoemaker, and JW Snape



David Marshall

“Building and exploiting bioinformatics resources for real genomes”

Scottish Crop Research Institute



Jo Dick
“Using bioinformatics to compare plant genomes, within and between species”

Computational Biology Research



Bal Antonio/Takuji Sasaki

“The rice genome sequence as a standard for analysis of cereal genomes”




Bruno Sobral

"Systems Integration for Systems Biology"

Virginia Bioinformatics Inst



Ernie Retzel

"Data Integration for Plant Genomics"

University of Minnesota



Bill Beavis

"Loose Coupling Architectures for Integration of Data and Applications"

National Center for Genome Resources



John Keele

“Software agents to gather and analyze data in support of comparative mapping”




Volker Brendel

"Novel tools for plant genome annotation and applications to Arabidopsis and rice"

Iowa State University



Randy Shoemaker

"Resolving Genome Evolution Events Through EST Analyses"



Kathryn (Kate) VandenBosch

"Bioinformatic solutions to biological questions about legume gene function"

University of Minnesota



Julie Dickerson

“Fuzzy Modeling of  Metabolic Networks”

Iowa State University



Jennifer Davidson

“No title available”

Iowa State University



Dan Ashlock

“Using machine learning to solve bioinformatic problems”

Iowa State University



David Neale

"Genetic dissection of complex traits in forest trees"

Institute of Forest Genetics

Davis, CA


           Rebecca Doerge

"Old Methods for New Ideas: Expression Level Polymorphism"

Purdue University


Scott Tingey

“No title available”

Dupont Company



Ritsert Jansen

Complex trait genetics: benefit from a systems biology approach”

Institute of Mathematics and Computing Science (IWI)



Rishi Bhalerao

“Functional genomics approach to elucidate the regulation of vascular

development in poplar”

The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences


Etsuko Moriyama

"Protein family classification with discriminant function analysis"

University of Nebraska



Andrew Benson

"Experimental and Computational Approaches to Infer Genome Phylogeny in Microbial Populations"

University of Nebraska



Daniel Pomp

“Merging predisposition and physiology towards polygene discovery”

University of Nebraska



Steve Oliver

"Capture and Integration of Functional Genomic Data"

University of Manchester



Gerard R. Lazo:

"Charting Contig-Component Relationships within the Triticeae"




Daryl Somers

"Alignment of wheat and rice structural genomics resources"

Agriculture Canada




General Information

The Conference will begin Monday, March 31, 2003 with registration at 8:00 am.  Conference days will begin at 8:00 a.m. each morning and end at 5:00 p.m. each night.  The banquet on Tuesday, April 1, will begin at 7:00 pm.  A detailed program will be distributed at registration.



All program sessions of the Symposium will be held at the Memorial Union on the Campus of the University of Missouri-Columbia.  Columbia is located near the center of the state.  Columbia is approximately 115 miles/185 Kilometers(approx 2 hours) from the St. Louis Airport and approximately 140 miles/225 Kilometers (approx 2 1/2 hours) from the Kansas City Airport. 


Hotel Accommodations

A block of rooms is being held for participants at the following hotels.  Reservations should be made before March 10 to receive the discounted rate.  Attendees should make their own arrangements with one of the following establishments, specifying that they are part of the Stadler Genetic Symposium group: 


uQuality Inn  — (573) 449-2491            

      1612 N. Providence Road

$47.00 — single/double

     Cut off date : March 19, 2003


uRamada Inn  — (573)  449-0051          

      1100 Vandiver Drive

      $65.00 – single/double

     Cut off date : March 19, 2003


uHoliday Inn Express — (573) 449-4422              

801 Keene

$72.00 — single/double

     Cut off date : March 3, 2003


Interested in a roommate to share lodging expenses?

Please contact Lorie Thunhorst. She will provide you with a list of other participants who have requested similar information. Telephone: 573/882-2429 E-Mail:



A shuttle bus will be provided to and from the hotels.


Registration Fees

u  Participants with proceedings — $170    

uParticipants without proceedings — $120              

uStudent  (includes proceedings) — $  130.00

uOn Site Registration Penalty — Additional $  25.00 fee


The proceedings will be published by Kluwer Academic Publishers and is offered in the

registration fee for $50.  Retail cost may average $100.


Banquet Fee

The charge for the banquet on Tuesday, April 1, 2003 is in addition to your

registration fee.  The charge per ticket is $30.00.  The banquet will be one of the highlights of the Symposium.  The meal will offer an array of food choices; including vegetarian options.


Parking Fee

For those who will be parking a car on campus, parking passes are available for purchase on your registration form for a cost of $6.00.  The hang tag for parking will be sent to you with your confirmation materials.  Anyone registering after March 14, 2003 will need to pick up the tag at the conference.


Poster Exhibits

Poster Abstracts will be distributed at the conference.  Abstracts must be one page in length and received at the MU Conference Office by February 28, 2003.   Maximum poster size is 4 ft. X 4 ft.  A board with stand will be provided; all other materials are to be furnished by the presenter.  Location for posters will be provided at the time of on-site registration.


For Additional Program Information Contact:

Perry Gustafson

206 Curtis Hall

University of Missouri- Columbia

Columbia, Missouri 65211

Telephone: 573/882-7318

Fax: 573/875-5359



For Information Regarding Registration, Lodging or Transportation Contact:

Jamie Schieber

344 Hearnes Center

University of Missouri- Columbia

Columbia, Missouri 65211

Telephone: 53/882-9552

Fax: 573/882-1953




Travel Information

Transportation to Columbia:

Flights between Columbia and St. Louis are accommodated by American Airlines.  Car rental agencies are available at both Kansas City International and St. Louis Lambert Airport.  Commuter flights are not available between Kansas City and Columbia.   Columbia is located near the center of the state.  Columbia is approximately 115 miles/185 kilometers(approx 2 hours) from the St. Louis Airport and approximately 140 miles/225.3 kilometers (approx 2 1/2 hours) from the Kansas City Airport.  


Greyhound Service:

Greyhound Buses run from Downtown St Louis and downtown Kansas City to Columbia.  Buses depart St. Louis , from the Greyhound station downtown at 7:15 a.m., 1:40 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.  Buses depart Kansas City, buses depart from the Greyhound station downtown at 12:20 a.m., 7:15 a.m. ,  1:50 p.m. and 5:55 p.m.  You would need to find transportation from the airport to the downtown bus stations.


Tiger Air Express and MoX::

Tiger Air Express and MoX are passenger van services serving Columbia to and from St. Louis-Lambert Airport and Kansas City International Airport.  For scheduling and more information contact Tiger Air Express at 1-800-333-3026 or online at or MoX at 877/256-1991 or online at



Registration Form

23nd Stadler Genetics Symposium



Please print or type, one name per form


Name (First/Last)_____________________________________________________




Mailing Address_______________________________________________________




Country_____________________  E-mail Address___________________________


Telephone (_____)____________________  Fax (_____)_____________________


Registration Fee:

Participants with Proceedings                                   $170               $_____

Participants without Proceedings                             $120               $_____

Student Fee (includes proceedings)                         $130               $_____

On Site Registration Fee Penalty                             $  25               $_____


Banquet Tickets:                     # of tickets         @   $ 30                                $_____

Campus Parking Pass                                                  $   6                                $_____



Total Amount Enclosed                                                                    $_____


All registration fees are to be paid in United States Dollars.  Checks must be drawn on a U.S. bank, and bank encoded.


For Credit Card Registrations: Please Charge $             to:   

q MasterCard     q Visa     q Discover                Exp. Date:____/____


Card Number:_____________________________________________________


Cardholder’s Name (Please Print)______________________________________




Register by Phone or Fax with your credit card to:

Phone: (573)882-2429                Fax: [573]882=1953


Make checks payable to: University of Missouri

Mail check and registration form to:    Stadler Genetics Symposium

                                                                        348 Hearnes Center

                                                                        University of Missouri-Columbia

                                                                        Columbia, Missouri 65211


Will you be displaying a poster?     q yes     q no

If yes, what is the title/subject of your poster?_______________________________



If you have any disability that requires special materials or services, contact Jamie Schieber at (573)882-9552.



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