Tenth International Wheat Genetics Symposium
1-6 September 2003
Paestum, Italy

For additional information on the venue, please visit the organizer's web page at

Scientific Secretariat   
Instituto Sperimentale Cerealicoltura,  TIWGS Secretariat
Via Cassia, 176
00191 Roma (Italy)
tel. 0039.06.3295705-6-7
fax 0039.06.36306033
email: tiwgs@mclink.it  or pognanorberto@mclink.it

Organizing Secretariat
Leader s.a.s.
Corso Garibaldi, 148
84123 Salerno (Italy)
tel. 0039.089.253170
fax 0039.089.253238
email: leadersas@tin.it  
web page:  www.leaderonline.it

The Themes for the Tenth International Wheat Genetics Symposium:
Evolution and Genetic Diversity
2.  Cytogenetics
3.  Structural Genomics, Functional Genomics and Proteomics
4.  Germplasm evaluation
5.  Technologies for Genetic Modification (Transformation, Chromosome Engineering and Mutagenesis)
6.  Classical and Molecular Breeding
7.  Genetics of Resistance to Biotic Stress
8.  Genetics of Tolerance to Abiotic Stress
9.  Nutritional and Technological Quality of Wheat Grain

Short workshops will be included in the Symposium program.  In these workshops, posters, informal presentations and discussions will be devoted to themes additional to those mentioned above.  In particular, the additional topics are:

1.  Taxonomy and Genome Symbols
2.  Transgenics and Genetic Aspects of Risk Assessment
3.  Hybrid Wheat
4.  Minor Wheat Species
5.  100 Years of Wheat Breeding and Breeding Goals in the Third Millennium
5.  Pasta Wheat and Derived Products
7.  Gluten Intolerance and Functional Foods.

Finally, the International Triticeae Mapping Initiative (ITMI) workshop will provide opportunity for presentations and discussions on mapping of Triticeae species.  Organizer: Brian Foster

Attendance requirements
At least one paper author and all speakers must attend the Symposium.  Symposium registration fee must accompany submission of the final paper of poster submission.

All delegates will be provided with a name badge to be worn throughout the Symposium

Certificate of attendance
A certificate of attendance will be available on request at the registration desk on the last day of the Symposium

An exhibition will be arranged.  For further information please contact the Organizing Secretariat.

The official Symposium language will be English.

All accepted papers and poster presentations will be published in the Symposium Proceedings distributed to participants upon registration.

Registration and information desk
It will be open prior to and during the Symposium.  It will be located at the Ariston Conference Center:  Sunday, August 31 from 2pm to 8pm, Monday, September 1 to Saturday September 6, from 8am to 8pm.

Call for Papers

Participants wishing to present an oral communication or a poster are invited to submit an abstract.  Authors who would like their proposals to be considered for an oral communication or for a poster should indicate it.  Notification of selection as an oral communication and acceptance of the poster will be mailed to the author by May 9.

Submission of abstracts

Abstracts of original works, never published or presented before, must be typed on A4 paper, single-spaced, single column, with 2.54 cm (1 inch) margins (top/bottom and sides), using Times New Roman, 12 point font, left-right justified.  Each submission should include:
  1. Author(s) Full Name(s) and Title(s)
  2. Organization Affiliate(s)
  3. Complete Address (Mailing Address, City, Country and Postal Code)
  4. Telephones, Fax and E-mail
  5. Title of contribution (paper or poster)
  6. Preferred presentation (oral or poster)
  7. Abstract of no more than 200 words
Submissions must be received by April 30.

Submit by mail, fax or e-mail (preferably) to:
Instituto Sperimentale Cerealicoltura,  TIWGS Secretariat
Via Cassia, 176
00191 Roma (Italy)
tel. 0039.06.3295705-6-7
fax 0039.06.36306033
email: tiwgs@mclink.it  or pognanorberto@mclink.it


Submissions of proposals can be also made through the TIWGSnet.  To access TIWGSnet go to www.cerealicoltura.it and click on the Symposium button.  

Oral communication instructions
Conference room will be equipped with a single slide projector, an overhead projector and a computer connected to a videoprojector.  Speakers are requested to hand in their slides (slide format 5x5 cm, on stiff frame, have to be numbered correctly in order of projection) or their Power Point presentations (Office 2000) on CD-Rom, at least one hour before the beginning of their session or, for the morning sessions, the previous afternoon.

Poster presentation instructions
Posters should be 1.00 m high and 0.70 m wide.  Abstracts scheduled for presentation in poster sessions will be grouped by topic, numbered and listed in the final programme.  The poster boards will be numbered according to the programme.

Submission of papers
Indications are that the Symposium will host 60 oral contributions (keynote lectures and offered contributions)  and over 300 posters.  Each type of paper (keynote, oral contribution or poster) should be prepared according to the following guidelines.  A copy of your paper on a 3.5 inch diskette in MSWord Windows file (if MS Word is not available please specify the software and the related release used) should be sent by mail or by e-mail (preferably) no later than June 16 to:
Instituto Sperimentale Cerealicoltura,  TIWGS Secretariat
Via Cassia, 176
00191 Roma (Italy)
tel. 0039.06.3295705-6-7
fax 0039.06.36306033
email: tiwgs@mclink.it  or pognanorberto@mclink.it

If possible, submit a RTF version of the file, too.

Guidelines for preparing papers
1.  Length

The maximum length of papers allowed is 7 (seven) pages for keynote presentations, 4 (four) pages for oral presentations and 3 (three) pages for poster papers.

2.  Margins, main text and font
The paper format must be A4.  The margins (top/bottom and sides) must be of 2.54 cm (1 inch).  The main text should be Times New Roman, 12 point font, single column, single-spaced, left-right justified.  Do not number pages.  

3.  Paper Structure
The paper should include the Title, Authors and Addresses at the beginning of the paper as indicated in the example below.
All headings (ABSTRACT, INTRODUCTION, MATERIALS AND METHODS, RESULTS AND DISCUSSION, ACKNOWLEDGMENTS AND REFERENCES) should be capitalized and must have two lines spacing before and one line spacing after.  Use only bold for headings.

4.  Figures, Tables and References
Tables and figures must fit in the pages allowed.  Text appearing in the figures should be in 9 point font.  Each figure/table must be in the text and provided with a concise legend in 9 point font.  
color illustrations are not accepted.
Text references should be as follows:


Heterosis in diallel crosses involving seven wheat (Triticum aestivum L. ) lines.

(two lines spacing)
N.E. Pogna, G. Boggini and N. Di Fonzo
(one line spacing)
Instituto Sperimentale Cerealicoltura,  Via Cassia, 176, Rome, Italy

(two lines spacing)
(one line spacing)
Seven lines of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) along with their F1 hybrids....

(two lines spacing)
(one line spacing)
Hybrid wheat cultivars hold great potential for improving economic yield (Pogna, 1999; Boggini and Di Fonzo, 1998, 1999; Boggini et al.  2001)....

April 30    Final deadline for submission of proposals
May 9      Notification of acceptance of scientific contributions
May 30    Deadline for early registration
June 16   Deadline for submission of paper
September 1   Opening of the Tenth IWGS
September 6   Closing of the Tenth IWGS

Provisional Programme

Sunday 31 August

2 pm - 8 pm
Registration at the Ariston Conference Centre (ACC) in Paestrum
Monday 1 September

8.45 am - 9.30 am
Opening Ceremony
9.30 am - 10.30 am
Keynote Lecture "Genetics of Wheat in the Third Millennium"
10.30 am - 11am
Coffee break
11 am - 1.45 pm
Session 1

"Evolution and Genetic Diversity"

Keynote Lecture (35 min.)

Six Papers (20 min. each)

Discussion (10 min)
1.45 pm - 3 pm
3 pm - 4:30 pm
Poster Session 1 and Workshop 1
4.30 pm - 6 pm
Poster Session 2 and Workshop 2
Tuesday 2 September

8.30 am - 10.10 am
Session 2

"Cytogenetics and Germplasm Evaluation"

Keynote Lecture (35 min.)

Three Papers (20 min. each)
10.10 am - 10.40 am
Coffee break
10.40 am - 12.30 pm
Session 2 (cont.)

Five papers and discussion
12.30 pm - 2 pm
2 pm - 4 pm
Session 3

"Classical and Molecular Breeding"

Keynote Lecture and Four Papers
4 pm - 4.30
Coffee break
4.30 pm - 6 pm
Session 3 (cont.)

Four papers and discussion
6 pm - 9 pm
Poster Sessions 3 and 4

Workshops 3 and 4
Wednesday 3 September

8.30 am - 10.10 am
Session 4

"Transgenesis, Chromosome Engineering and Mutagenesis"

Keynote Lecture and Three Papers
10.10 am - 10.30 am
Coffee break
10.30 am - 1 pm
Session 4 (cont.)

Seven papers and discussion
1 pm - 2.30 pm
2.30 pm - 4.30 pm
Session 5

"Structural and Functional Genomics"

Keynote Lecture, Four Papers and Discussion
4.30 - 5 pm
Coffee break
5 - 6.30 pm
Poster Session 5 and Workshop 5
Thursday 4 September

9 am - 1 pm
ITMI Workshop "Structural and Functional Genomics"
1 - 2.30 pm
2.30 - 4.30 pm
ITMI Workshop "Structural and Functional Genomics" (cont.)
4.30 - 7 pm
Poster Sessions 6 and 7, Workshops 6 and 7
Friday 5 September

8.20 - 10 am
Session 6

"Genetics of Resistance / Tolerance to Biotic / Abiotic Stress"

Keynote Lecture and Three Papers
10 - 10.30 am
Coffee break
10.30 am - 12.30 pm
Session 6 (cont)

Six Papers
12.30 - 2 pm
2 - 4 pm
Session 6 (cont)

Five Papers and Discussion
4 - 4.30
Coffee break
4.30 - 6.30 pm
IWGS IOC / LOC and Business Meeting
Saturday 6 September

8.20 - 10 am
Session 7

"Nutritional and Technological Quality of Wheat Grain"

Keynote Lecture and Three Papers
10 - 10.30 am
Coffee break
10.30 am - 12 pm
Session 7 (cont.)

Four Papers and Discussion
12 - 1 pm
Closing Ceremony
1.30 - 3 pm

All participants including invited speakers must register.   Contact the organizers for the registration form and brochure at leadersas@tin.it.  The brochure also describes what is included in the registration fee.
If delegates register before May 30 the cost of the fee is reduced.

Registration Fees are:

Payment in Euro Received

Before 30 May
After 30 May
€ 600
€ 720
€ 360
€ 360
Accompanying person
€ 360
€ 360

Bank exchange rate for Euro is (at 4 March 2003) 1 EUR - 1,089 US$; 0,690 GBP; 1,772 AUD; 1616 CAD; 128.100 JPY.

Payment before the Symposium
Payment should be made in Euro by:

Banker's draft payable to:        
Leader s.a.s.
Account n. 51870.66
Monte dei Paschi di Siena - Salerno (Italy)
ABI code: 1030  CAB code: 15200

It is necessary to communicate the bank your FULL Name and that your payment corresponds to the Symposium registration fee.

A receipt of payment will be sent to you as soon as we have received your registration form and payment.  The receipt must be presented when registering at the Symposium.  In case of late registration and if the receipt has not been received, please bring with you a copy of the registration together with a copy of your payment.

Cancellations must be made in writing and sent to:
Leader s.a.s.
Corso Garibaldi, 148
84123 Salerno (Italy)
tel. 0039.089.253170
fax 0039.089.253238
email: leadersas@tin.it  

For cancellations received before July 31, fees will be refunded in full less and administrative charge of Euro 120.  
No refunds will be made for cancellations received after July 31.

Payment during the Symposium
All registrations fees must be paid in cash in Euro at the Symposium registration desk.

Hotel Inquiries
Address all inquiries as well as the Hotel Booking Form to:  
Leader s.a.s.
Corso Garibaldi, 148
84123 Salerno (Italy)
tel. 0039.089.253170
fax 0039.089.253238
email: leadersas@tin.it