Table 4-3.	Adult leaf rust reactions of entries in the 1976 Uniform Hard Red Spring Wheat
 		Nursery (ARS-USDA, North Dakota, Miller-Statler)
 		        	Percent Severity and reaction 1				
                ----------------------------------------------------------------------	Average
 Entry		Langdon		Minot     Carrington		Oakes		Fargo	C.I. 2
 Marquis		40S		60S		60S		50S		50S	52.0
 Justin		30S		30S-5MS		40S-5R		40S		30MS	32.8
 Selkirk		30MR-10MS,40S	40MS-2MR	40MR-20MS	30MS-5MR	40MS	23.2
 Chris		5S-tMR		5MR-5MS		5-10MS		2MS-1MR		5MR	3.4
 Waldron		15MS		15MS-5MR	15MS-5MR	15MS-S		25MS	13.6
 ND519(BUTTE) 	t-5R		0		tMR-tMS		tMR-tMS		tMR	0.6
 ND531		5MS-5MR,5R	15MR,40MS	10R-MS		tME-tMS		10MR	3.2
 ND536		5R-tMS		5MR		tS,10S		5MS-5MR		5MR	1.9
 ND538		tR		t-5MS		tR		2MS-tR		tMR	0.9
 ND541		tR-tMS		tS		tR		tMS-tR		5MR	0.6
 ND542		tR		tMS		tR		tMR		tMS	0.2
 ND544		5MR-tMS		5MR-tMS		5MR-5MS		10MR-5MS	15MR	3.2
 SD2273		tR		t-5MS,10MS	tMS		5R-tMS		tMS	0.7
 ND522		5MR-5MS		M		5MS-tMR		5MS-5MR,20MS	15MR	4.0
 ND543		5R		0		tR		5R-tMS		tMR	0.4
 II-64-27	tR		5R-tMS		tMS		tMS-tR		tR-tMS	0.6
 MN7086		5R-tMS		tMS		tMS-tMR		tMS-tR		tMR	1.1
 MN70113		tR		5R-tMS		tR		tMS-tR		0	0.3
 MN70175		tR		5R-tMS		tR-tMS		tS-tR		0	0.7
 MN70170		10MR-tMS	tR		20MR-10MS	tS-tR		tMR	2.6
 MN70202		tMR-tMS		10MS-tMR	tMS,10MS	t-5MS		10MR-tMS 3.0
 MN7125		tR		5MR-2MS		tR		tR		5MR-tMS	0.9	
 MN7142		tR		0		tR		tMS		5R	0.3
 MN7155		tMR-tMS		5MR-tMS,20MR	tR-tMS		tMS		0	0.4
 MN7170		tR		tR		tR		tR		tMR	0.1
 SD2271		5R		5S-tMR		5-10MS		10S-tMR		10MS	6.6
 SD2288		20MR-5MS	20MR-tMS	20MR-15MS	10MR-5MS,20S	20MR	7.2
 MT749		t-5S		15MS-15MR	5MS		5MS-tMR		tMR	3.7
 MT7416		20MS		20MS-15MR	10MS-5MR,30S	10S-5R		10MS	11.6
 H678-1-64311 	10S		40S		10MS,30S	5MS		5MS	13.2
 II-62-48	tR		10R-5MS		tR		tR-tMS		5MR-tMS	0.9
 Era		5S-5MR		15MR-10MS	5R-3MS		5R-2MS		5MR-tMS	3.0
 1 = Comma- Separation of plants into 2 or more reaction classes (segregation or seed mixture)
     Dash -	Range in reaction on each plant or range in severity between plants with the 
 same reactions.
 Natural inoculum - Additional inoculations of races 15B and 151 at Fargo. Readings at soft 
 dough to mid dough stages.
 2 = Av. C.I.  Average coefficient of infection.  Percent severity multiplied by the following 
 values for reaction types: VR & R = 0.2, is the average of the 5 coefficients of infection for 
 each entry. Coefficient of infection 
 M = Missing plants.