TABLE 7.	Adult leaf rust reactions of entries in the 1979 International Sawfly Yield Nursery
 		[USDA-SEA AR, NDSU (Miller-Statler)]
 				Percent Severity and Reaction 1
 		-----------------------------------------------------------------------	Av.
 Entry		Fargo		Oakes		Minot		Carrington	Langdon	C.I. 2
 Fortuna		5S		l0S-5R		20S-10MR	30S-10R		l0S	15.0
 Chris		5R-tMS		l0MR-5MS,l0S	15S-10MR	15S-5R,30S	l0S-tMR	9.0
 Tioga		l0S		20S-5R		40S-10MR	20S-5R		30S	24.0
 Waldron		5S-5MR,20S	5MS-5MR		20S-5MR		5S-5R		5S-tMR	7.8
 Lew		5R-tMS		5R-tS		10MS-10R	5R-tMS		5S	3.2
 Thatcher	70S		70S		70S		70S		60S	68.0
 SU 28's'-l	10MS-5MR	tR-tMS		30S		5MS-5MR		5S	9.5
 SU 56		10S-5MR		5MR-tMS		5MS-5R,30S	5MS-5MR		5S,40S	5.0
 SU 7's' - 3	10MS-5MR	5R-tMS		50S		20S-5R		l0S-tMR	17.8
 SU 57		5MR-tMS		5R		30S-10MR	10S-5R		5S	9.6
 7748-2768	40S		30S-10MR	40S,10R		40S		30S	36.0
 MT766		5MR-tMS		10R-5S,20S	20S-15MR	1OR-5S		10S-5R	8.4
 MT7732		10S-5MR		20S		20S		15S		20S-5R	17.0
 MT7620		20S		20S-10MR	30S		20S		50S	28.0
 MT7810		10S-10MR	10R-5S,20S	20S		20S		20S-5R	15.0
 MT783		5R-tMS		5R-tMS		5R-tMR		5R-tS		tR	0.8
 L = Comma Separation of plants into two or more reaction classes (segregation or seed mixture)
 Dash = Range in reaction on each plant. Range in severity between plants but same 
 reaction class.
 Natural	Inoculum - Readings were made on flag and flag minus 1 at milk to mid dough stage.
 2 = C.I. - Average Coefficient of Infection. Percent severity multiplied by the following 
 values for
 reaction types. R = 0.2, MR = 0.4, MS = 0.8, S = 1.0, t = 0.5.