Table4-2.	Adult leaf rust reactions of entries in the 1990 Uniform Regional
 		Hard Red Spring Wheat Nursery. [USDA-ARS, NDSU, (Miller-Statler)]
 			Percent Severity and Reaction 1
 Entry		Fargo	Carrington		Langdon		Ave. C.I.2
 Marquis		60MS		60S		60S		56.0
 Chris		10MR-tMS	1OR-tS		1OR-tS		3.1
 Stoa		20R-10MR	1OR-5MR		5MR-5R		5.0
 Era		20R-5MR-tMS	5R-tMR		5MR-5R-tS	3.7
 Butte 86	10MR-10R	5MR-5R-tMS	5MR		3.8
 SD3014		15MR-10R	5R		5MR		3.7
 SD3036		10MR-10R	5R-tMR		5R-tMR		2.8
 SD3052		20R-10MR	5MR-5R		5R		4.0
 SD3053		20R-10MR	5MR-5R		5R		4.0
 SD3055		20MR-10R	5R-tMR		5MR-tMS		4.5
 SD3056		20MR-20R	5MR-5R		5MR		5.7
 MN85324		10R		tR		tR		0.7
 MN86383		10R-tMR		tR		tMR-tR		0.9
 MN86165		10R		tR		tR		0.7
 MN87106		10R-tMR		tR		tMR-tR		0.9
 MN87150		10R		tR		tR		0.7
 ND655		10MR-tMS	5MR-5R		tMR-tR		2.6
 ND656		10MR-10R	5R-tMR		tMR-tR		2.5
 ND657		10R		5R		tMR		1.1
 ND659		10R-5MR		5R		tMR-tR		1.8
 ND660		10MR-5MS	5MS-5MR-5R	5MS		6.3
 XW371		10R-tS		5R		5R-tMR		1.6
 MT8402		20S-15MR	15S		5MR-5R		14.7
 MT8651		60MS-10S	60S		60S		59.3
 N86-0370	20R-10MR	10R		10R-tMR		4.1
 N86-0903	10R-tS		10R-tMR		tR		1.6
 N86-0542	10R		tR		tR		0.7
 N87-0002	10R		tR		tR		0.7
 DA984-034	40MS-20MR	15S-5MR-5R	5S-5MS-tR	22.3
 PH984-045	40MS-30MR	10S-10MR,50S	20S-5MS		27.3
 BW114		10R		5R		tR		1.0
 BW120		20MR		15MR-5R		tMR-tR		5.1
 Baart(ck)	70S		60S		60S		63.3
 1 = Comma Separation of plants into two or more reaction classes (segregation or seed 
 Dash - Range in reaction of each plant. Range in severity between plant but same reaction 
 Natural Inoculum - Readings were made on flag and flag minus 1 at milk to mid dough 
 2 = C.I. - Average Coefficient of infection. Percent severity multiplied by the following 
 values for reaction types: R = 0.2, MR = 0.4, MS 0.8, S = 1.0, t = 0.5. Multiplication 
 carried out for each reporting station and then an average is taken across stations.
 1990.  Plants and rust evaluations were prime at all locations.