in cooperation with
 	Wheat Varieties Grown in Cooperative Plot
 	and Nursery Experiments in the Spring Wheat Region in 2000
 	Hard Spring Wheat Results Coordinated and Compiled by:
 	R. H. Busch, Research Geneticist 
 This is a joint progress report of cooperative investigations underway in 
 the State Agricultural Experiment Stations and the Agricultural Research 
 Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture containing preliminary data 
 which have not been sufficiently confirmed to justify general release; 
 interpretations may be modified with additional experimentation.  Confirmed 
 results will be published through established channels.  The report is 
 primarily a tool for use of cooperators and their official staffs and for 
 those persons having direct and special interest in the development of 
 agricultural research programs.
 This report includes data furnished by the State Agricultural Experiment 
 Stations as well as by the Agricultural Research Service U.S. Department of 
 Agriculture.  This report is not intended for publication and should not be 
 referred to in literature citations nor quoted in publicity or advertising.  
 Use of the data may be granted for certain purposes upon written request to 
 the agency or agencies involved.
 Agricultural Research Service
 U.S. Department of Agriculture
 North Central Region
 St. Paul, Minnesota
 Cooperating Agencies, Stations and Personnel						     
 Provisional Policy for Protected Genes							
 New Varieties										      
 The 2000 Crop										      
 The Uniform Region Hard Red Spring Wheat Nursery					      
 Table 1 -  Location and Comparative plot management data			      
 Table 2 - Parts 1-18 - Agronomic data					      
 Table 3 - Part 1 - Mean Yields and Bushel Weights in 2000		      
 	    Part 2 - Mean Yields and Bushel Weight  1999-2000		      
 	    Part 3 - Stability Parameters					      
 Table 4 - Part 1 - Adult stem rust reactions					      
 	    Part 2 - Adult leaf rust reactions					      
 	    Part 3 - Fusarium head blight reaction, Crookston, MN		      
 	    Part 4 - Fusarium head blight reaction, Morris, MN		      
 	    Part 5 - Fusarium head blight reaction, St. Paul, MN		      
 	    Part 6 - Mean Fusarium head blight reaction 3 locations