GrainGenes, the Triticeae Genome Database, is a compilation of
   molecular and phenotypic information about wheat, barley, oats, and
   other small grains.  The project is supported by the USDA Plant Genome
   Research Program, and by the community of scientists who are providing
   the information and the reasons to be interested in it.  (See SPECIAL

       The search mechanism used here is based on the "WAIS" (Wide Area
   Information Server) indexing strategy, commonly used in the Gopher
   world.  As currently implemented, its attributes are:
   - Multiple words in a query are interpreted as connected by "or".
   - "And" and "not" are interpreted as logical (Boolean) operations.
   - Phrases (adjacent words) can be specified by using quotation marks (").
   - "*" as the last character of a word indicates terminal degeneracy,
     e.g. "mcc*" for "McCarthy" or "McCall".
   - Results are returned with the best matches (most frequent occurrence
     of the query words) at the top of the list.
   - Words which are present so often that they are omitted from the index,
     such as "aestivum" in the GrainGenes database, return the inexact
     response "Nothing available".

   Example searches:
   abc451             to search for the locus ABC451.
   chanc*             for cultivars with Chancellor in their pedigree.
   barley and map     to see the mapping data for the NABGMP barley map.
   sorrells not probe facts about Mark Sorrells besides his clone collection.
   addition and chin* chromosome addition lines derived from Chinese Spring.
   "stripe rust"      for stripe rust, not other rusts (or other stripes).


   In the GrainGenes database:
     - Barley genetic maps: Steptoe x Morex, Proctor x Nudinka, 
       Igri x Franka, Vada x H. spontaneum
       Thanks to: Andy Kleinhofs, Andreas Graner and Mark Sorrells
     - Triticum tauschii genetic map.
       Thanks to: Bikram Gill
     - Diploid oat genetic map, Avena atlantica x A. hirtula
       Thanks to: Mark Sorrells
     - Sugarcane map, Saccharum spontaneum
       Thanks to: Jorge da Silva
     - 1200 DNA probes.  
       From the Australian Triticeae Mapping Initiative.
     - 2400 wheat cultivars
       Thanks to: Ken Kephart.
     - The Oregon State / CIMMYT list of 8700 wheat cultivar abbreviations
       Thanks to: Bent Skovmand
     - 160 wheat genetic stocks
       From the Wheat Genetics Resource Center, Kansas State U.
     - 250 pathologies, including diseases, insects and abiotic injuries
       Thanks to: Ken Kephart
     - Mailing addresses and phone numbers for 900 colleagues
       From the International Triticeae Mapping Initiative and the Oat 

   In other searchable files:
     - "Commercial Wheat Cultivars of the United States"
       Thanks to: Ken Kephart
     - Wheat quality evaluations
       Thanks to: Bob Graybosch
     - "Catalogue of gene symbols for wheat", 1993.
       Thanks to: Bob McIntosh
     - Volumes 37 - 40 of the Annual Wheat Newsletter
       Thanks to: Jim Quick
     - 600 oat pedigrees.
       Thanks to: Mark Sorrells

   In browseable/downloadable files:
     - Map, mapping, and probe data in tabular form.
     - Definitions of wheat aneuploid types.
     - Results of wheat performance trials


       The GrainGenes database and this Gopher server are services of the
   National Agricultural Library and the USDA Plant Genome Program, Jerome 
   P. Miksche, Director.

       Additional support is provided by ITMI, the International Triticeae
   Mapping Initiative, through a grant from the USDA/DOE/NSF Joint Program
   on Collaborative Research in Plant Biology.


   For more information about GrainGenes (obtaining information from it or
   adding information to it), contact 
     Olin Anderson
     Dave Matthews