from Dave Matthews, 9 Feb 95
                 How to Create Image Records for GrainGenes
    In order for a set of images to be loaded into GrainGenes, it must be
 accompanied by a file of Image records, consisting at minimum of a name for
 the image record and the name of the gif file, in this syntax:
 Image : ""
 Pick_me_to_call display 
 For example,
 Image : "BCD129 SO autoradiogram"
 Pick_me_to_call display SO_BCD129.gif
 Image : "BCD130 SO autoradiogram"
 Pick_me_to_call display SO_BCD130.gif
    However it is possible and desirable to have a lot more information in
 each record.  For an image of an autoradiogram for example, one could
 include the name of the probe, the name(s) of the locus(loci) mapped, a
 list of the germplasm accessions examined, a descriptive Caption, and maybe
 the name of the author and/or a reference.  Example:
 Image : "BCD130 SO autoradiogram"
 Locus Xbcd130-4A
 Probe BCD130
 Polymorphism "BCD130 EcoRV"
 Germplasm "Altar84/Ae. squarrosa (219) CIGM86.940"
 Germplasm "OPATA M 85"
 Caption "Blot of probe BCD130 for the wheat Altar84 Synthetic x Opata M 85 map.
  W7984 = synthetic Altar84/Ae. squarrosa (219) CIGM86.940."
 Author "Sorrells ME"
 Pick_me_to_call display SO_BCD130.gif
    Here is the list of fields available as of this writing.  Let us know if
 you would like to add something else.  The current list at any time will be
 in this menu under "Current GrainGenes models.wrm file".
 LABEL           VALUE                   DESCRIPTION
 Gene            Name of a Gene 
 Locus           Name of a Locus 
 Pathology       Name of a Pathology 
 Probe           Name of a Probe 
 Polymorphism    Name of a Polymorphism 
 QTL             Name of a QTL           For an image of a particular QTL, e.g. 
                                         an autoradiogram of bulked segregant
                                         analysis of the linked marker.  
                                         See also Trait_study.
 Germplasm       Name of a Germplasm 
 Species         Name of a Species 
 Map             Name of a Map_Data      E.g. Postscript versions of the maps.
 Colleague       Name of a Colleague     For photos of people.  See also Author.
 Trait_study     Name of a Trait_Study 
 Caption         Text                    Description.  Can be wordy.
 Author          Name of an Author       Photographer, artist, source etc.
 Reference       Name of a Reference 
 Pick_me_to_call Text Text               Program name followed by file name.
    All "Name-of-a" values must be the exact name of a GrainGenes record of
 the indicated type.  If the record doesn't already exist it will be