from Dave Matthews, 12/93
             revised  4/96
                 How to Create Probe Records for GrainGenes
 Here is a description of the fields available for Probe data in GrainGenes. 
 Probe : ""
 Other_name ""
 Locus ""
 Reference ""
 General_remark ""
 Type ""
 PCR_primers ""
 Amplification_conditions ""
 Insert_enzyme ""
 Source_gene_class ""
 Source_species ""
 Source_germplasm ""
 Source_tissue ""
 Vector ""
 Vector_enzyme ""
 Excision_enzyme ""
 Vector_PCR_primers ""
 Vector_amplification ""
 Bacterial_strain ""
 Antibiotic ""
 Location ""
 Authority ""
 Image ""
 Data_source ""
 Date ""
 Note: this template does not include all of the fields available.  The
 current list is described in EXPLANATION below, and more will probably be
 added.  Fields that have no data should be deleted.
 EXAMPLE                                 SYNTAX NOTES
 Probe : "ABC169"                        First line must include the " : ".
 Locus "abc169A"                         If a field has multiple values, list
 Locus "abc169B"                         them one after the other like this.
 Reference "TAG-86-705"
 General_remark "Steptoe malt cDNA"      
 Type "cDNA"
 Size 0.3                                Do not use quotes for numeric values.
 Source_species "Hordeum vulgare"             
 Source_germplasm "Steptoe"
 Source_tissue Malt                      If the value of a field does not 
 Vector pBS                              contain any blank spaces, the quotes
 Excision_enzyme "EcoRI"                 (") are optional.
 Location "Kleinhofs, Andris"
 Data_source "ATMI"
 Date "92.09"
 Column heading           Sample Entry       Description or List of Choices
 Probe                    PSR177             Name of Probe
 Other_name               pDEM47x.2a         Any other name by which this 
                                             Probe is known, esp. if published
 Locus                    Xpsr177            Name of Locus.  List all loci 
                                             mapped with the probe.
 External_DB              Sequence L43928    Genbank accession number
 Reference                GNM-34-362         Reference ID for the reference (see
                                             "Constructing reference IDs").
                                             Include entire reference as a
                                             separate record.
 General_remark           This probe works   Any text
                          only on odd days.   
 Type                     cDNA               cDNA, genomic, PCR  
 PCR_primers              AATGCCGAAT         Sequence of pcr primers (for 
                                             the probe, not the vector)
 AFLP_primers             E37                Sequence or code for AFLP primers 
 Amplification_conditions Anneal at 50oC,... Description of conditions
 Specificity              Adh1 or 3, not 2   Which genes are known to be
                                             recognized or not recognized
 Sequence                 X123429            GENBANK accession #, or other name
                                             of a Sequence
 Size                     1.2                Sequence length, in kilobases
 PCR_size                 1.4                Length between Vector_PCR_primers
 Background               3/5                Background hybridization
                                             level and scale
 Cross_hybridizes_to      Zea mays           Name of a species
 Insert_enzyme            EcoRI              Name of enzyme used to cut the 
                                             source DNA for insertion into the 
   (Should we change the name "Insert_enzyme" to something more descriptive?
   Source_excision_enzyme"? "Library_enzyme"? "Cloning_enzyme"?)
 DNA_origin               HTF-genomic lib.   Library preparation method
 Source_gene              Adh1               Name of Gene from which the probe 
                                             was derived, if known
 Source_gene_class        Adh                Name of Gene_Class from which the 
                                             probe was derived, if actual gene
                                             is not known
 Source_species           Triticum aestivum  Name of Species source of DNA.  
                                             There should ALWAYS be a value for
                                             this field.
 Source_germplasm         Chinese Spring     Name of Germplasm source of DNA
 Source_tissue            etiolated leaves   Tissue source of DNA
 Vector                   pUC18              Vector in which probe is cloned
 Vector_enzyme            EcoRI              Name of enzyme used to open the 
 Excision_enzyme          EcoRI              Name of enzyme used to remove the 
                                             insert from vector
 Vector_PCR_primers       M13F               Names of Sequences in vector to 
                          M13R               amplify the probe from
 Vector_amplification     50uM dATP dCTP...  Conditions for amplifying from the
 Bacterial_strain         XL1 Blue           Host for the clone
 Antibiotic               Ampicillin         Resistance carried by the vector
 Location                 Gill, Bikram S.    Name of Colleague from whom the
                                             probe can be obtained 
 Authority                Gale, Michael D.   Name of Colleague who created the 
 Subclone_of              pPSR77             Name of original Probe from which
                                             PSR177 was subcloned
 Subcloned_in             pPSR177a           Name of Probe that a PSR177 piece 
                                             has been subcloned as
 Image                    Survey 2 PSR177    Name of image of autoradiogram or
                                             other picture
 Data_source              Sorrells, Mark E.  Who provided this information
 Date                     93.12.25           When was the information submitted,
                                             in format
 There are a few additional fields that are more complicated, such as
 Polymorphism and Wheat_polymorphism.  The best way to find out about these
 is to look at some examples.  Try the query "find probe wheat_polymorphism".