Proctor x Nudinka AFLP autoradiogram
 from Manfred Heun, 3/96
 Becker, J., P. Vos, M. Kuiper, F. Salamini and M. Heun 1995: Combined
 mapping of AFLP and RFLP markers in barley. Mol. Gen. Genet. 249, 65-73.
 Survey of the 16 primer combinations used in AFLP analysis.  For
 each primer combination the left lane is Proctor and the right lane is
 Nudinka.  The mapped polymorphisms are numbered as in Table 1 of the
 Reference, e.g. the band labeled 8 for combination E37/M32 corresponds to
 Locus E37/M32/8.
 The image size is 824 x 1263 pixels, in order to provide adequate
 resolution.  It should be viewed with software that displays it in a
 scrolling window rather than software such as 'xv' that shrinks it to fit
 the screen.