Maps of the XNor region in group 1 and group 5 chromosomes
 From Jorge Dubcovsky, 7 Feb 1996.
 J. Dubcovsky and J. Dvorak.  1995.  "Ribosomal RNA multigene loci: Nomads
 of the Triticeae genomes".  Genetics 140:1367-1377.
 Morphological loci were Bg (black glume) and Hg (hairy glume). The
 remaining loci were mapped by hybridization of DNA probes.  The Nor locus
 was mapped using wheat clone pTa250.15, containing a 900 HhaI fragment from
 the spacer region, including part of the promoter.  Positions of the
 centromeres were inferred by mapping of wheat ditelosomic stocks and T.
 monococcum/wheat ditelosomic substitution lines.  Loci listed on the right
 are located within the adjacent vertical bars.
 Comparative linkage maps of chromosome arm 1A^m^S in two T. monococcum
 mapping populations and chromosome arm 1BS in mapping populations of T.
 aestivum and T. turgidum.  The G3116 x DV92 population of T. monococcum
 comprised 74 F2 individuals, and the G1777 x G2528 population comprised
 76 F3 families.  The T. aestivum 1BS map was based on 91 F2 individuals
 from a cross between cultivars Chinese Spring and Cheyenne. The 1BS map of
 T. turgidum was based on 92 recombinant substitution lines derived from a
 cross between T. turgidum ssp. durum cv. Langdon and a disomic substitution
 of T. turgidum ssp. dicoccoides 1B in cv. Langdon.
       Chromosome       Locus       Position, cM
       ----------       -----       ------------
 T. monococcum 1AmS G3116 x DV092
          1AmS          XNor          -59.4
          1AmS          Bg            -59.4
          1AmS          XGli          -58.7
          1AmS          XGlu3         -58.7
          1AmS          Xmwg920.1     -58.0
          1AmS          Xmwg920.2     -57.3
          1AmS          Xmwg2021      -56.5
          1AmS          Xmwg60        -53.9 | Xabg55
          1AmS          Xmwg2083      -52.5 |
          1AmS          XGli3         -44.3   | Xbcd249 
          1AmS          XChs3         -36.8   |
          1AmS          X5Dna1        -25.1 
          1AmS          Xbcd98        -25.1  
          1AmS          Xabg500        -6.1
          1AmS          XTri           -5.2
          1AmS          Xbcd762        -0.6
          1AmS          Centromere      0.0
          1AmS          Xmwg758         0.6
          1AmS          XGlu1          18.3
 T. aestivum 1BS CS x Cheyenne
          1BS           XGli1         -57.4
          1BS           XGlu3         -55.1
          1BS           Xmwg645.1     -43.3
          1BS           Xmwg2021      -43.3
          1BS           Xmwg60        -41.5
          1BS           Xmwg2083      -38.1
          1BS           Xbcd249       -31.8
          1BS           XNor          -10.8
          1BS           X5Dna1        -10.8
          1BS           XcsIH69       -10.8
          1BS           Xpsr381       -10.8
          1BS           Xabg500       -10.8
          1BS           Xbcd762        -5.7
          1BS           Xpsr161        -5.7                   
          1BS           Centromere      0.0
          1BS           XGlu1           5.7
 T. monococcum 1AmS G1777 x G2528
          1AmS          XNor          -46.3
          1AmS          Bg            -45.6
          1AmS          Hg            -45.6
          1AmS          XGli          -44.9
          1AmS          Xbcd1434      -44.9
          1AmS          XksuD14       -44.9
          1AmS          XGlu3         -44.2
          1AmS          Xmwg920       -40.2
          1AmS          Xmwg2021      -38.9
          1AmS          Xmwg645.1     -34.2
          1AmS          Xmwg60        -34.2
          1AmS          Xbcd249       -25.9
          1AmS          XGli3         -24.2
          1AmS          XChs3         -24.2
          1AmS          X5SDna1       -13.7
          1AmS          XcsIH69       -13.7
          1AmS          XTri           -3.4
          1AmS          Xcdo580        -3.4
          1AmS          Xcdo1173       -2.0 
          1AmS          Xcdo1188       -0.7 
          1AmS          Xpsr161         0.0
          1AmS          Xcdo658         0.0
          1AmS          Centromere      0.0
          1AmS          XEsi47          0.0
          1AmS          Xmwg758         0.7
          1AmS          Xabg452         0.7
          1AmS          XGlu1           5.4
 T. dicoccoides Langdon x DS1B
          1BS           XGli1         -13.0
          1BS           XGlu3         -11.9
          1BS           Xmwg645.1      -8.7
          1BS           XGli3          -6.5
          1BS           XChs3          -6.5                   
          1BS           X5SDna1         3.9
          1BS           Xbcd98          3.9
          1BS           XTri            0.0
          1BS           Xcdo1173        0.0
          1BS           XNor            0.0
          1BS           Xbcd446         0.0
          1BS           Centromere      0.0
          1BS           Xbcd200         0.0
          1BS           XEsi47          0.0
          1BS           Xbcd207         3.7
          1BS           Xpsr158         7.6
          1BS           XGlu1          21.7 
 Comparative linkage maps of chromosome arm 5A^S^in two mapping populations
 of T. monococcum and chromosome arms 5HS and 5DS in mapping populations of
 Hordeum vulgare and T. aestivum, respectively.  The T. monococcum
 populations are described above.  The barley (H. vulgare) 5HS map was
 derived from the Steptoe x Morex map published by Kleinhofs et al.  The T.
 aestivum 5DS mapping population comprised 45 F2 individuals from a cross
 between T. aestivum cv. Chinese Spring and synthetic wheat RL5406, which
 was produced from a cross of experimental line Tetracanthatch (2n = 4x =
 28, genomes AABB) with Ae. tauschii.
 T. monococcum 5AmS G1777 x G2528
          5AmS          XNor          -57.2
          5AmS          Xmwg645       -57.2
          5AmS          XGsp          -54.8
          5AmS          Xabg497       -50.1
          5AmS          Xmwg920       -25.1 
          5AmS          XDor5          -1.9
          5AmS          Xpsr118        -1.1
          5AmS          Centromere      0.0
          5AmS          Xpsr128         1.1
  T. monococcum 5AmS G3116 x DV092
          5AmS          XNor          -50.0
          5AmS          Xabg497       -48.6
          5AmS          XGsp          -48.6
          5AmS          Xmwg920       -40.5
          5AmS          Xabg705        -7.8 
          5AmS          Xtom53         -4.9
          5AmS          XDor5          -2.1
          5AmS          Xabg395        -1.0
          5AmS          Xcdo749         0.0
          5AmS          Xpsr326         0.0
          5AmS          Centromere      0.0
          5AmS          Xwg541          0.0
 H. vulgare 5HS Steptoe x Morex
          5HS           XGsp          -54.9
          5HS           Xmwg920       -45.4
          5HS           Xabg705       -16.1
          5HS           XDor          -10.0
          5HS           Xabg497        -7.9
          5HS           Xabg395        -7.2
          5HS           Xcdo749        -5.9
          5HS           XNor           -4.6
          5HS           Centromere      0.0
          5HS           Xwg541          4.6
 T. aestivum 5DS CS x Synthetic 5406
          5DS           XGsp          -42.0
          5DS           XNor          -27.2
          5DS           Xmwg920       -27.2
          5DS           Xtam53         -5.0
          5DS           XDor5          -2.6
          5DS           Xpsr326         0.0
          5DS           Centromere      0.0