Report of the 2009 Uniform Regional Scab Nursery for Spring Wheat Parents







Coordinator:  David F. Garvin

USDA-ARS, Plant Science Research Unit

411 Borlaug Hall, University of Minnesota

1991 Upper Buford Circle, St. Paul, MN 55108


Report prepared by: David F. Garvin and Zachary Blankenheim




The Uniform Regional Scab Nursery for Spring Wheat Parents (URSN) was grown for the 15th year in 2009.  Five mist-irrigated locations at Brookings, SD, St. Paul and Crookston, MN, Langdon, ND, and Glenlea, Manitoba, Canada were planted.


A total of 33 entries were included in the 2009 URSN, including the resistant checks 2375, BacUp, and ND2710, and the susceptible checks Wheaton and Oslo.  The other entries were contributed by 7 university, and industry breeding programs.


A core set of traits evaluated provided from most locations included FHB incidence, FHB severity, disease index (incidence x severity), and visual scabby kernel ratings (VSK @ tombstone @ FDK).  Additional trait data such as grain deoxynivalenol content, plot yield, and heading date, are presented in individual location summary tables.  Overall means for traits over locations are presented, as are relative rankings for incidence, severity, disease index, VSK and DON.  Correlation coefficients are provided between incidence, severity, disease index, and VSK.  Further, molecular marker genotypes for a set of FHB resistance QTLs and 13 other traits are provided for entries.







This material is based upon work supported by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, in cooperation with the U.S. Wheat & Barley Scab Initiative.  Any opinions, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed in this publication are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the view of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.


St. Paul, MN

March, 2010


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Cooperating Agencies, Stations and Personnel                                                                          1


Table 1.  List of Entries in the 2009 URSN                                                                               2


Tables 2-6.  Nursery Data by Individual Location                                                                  3-7


Table 7.  Trait Means Over Locations, with Rankings                                                               8


Table 8.  Correlations Between Traits, by Location                                                                   9


Table 9.  Correlations Between Traits Over Locations                                                             10


Table 10.  Molecular Marker Genotypes for Selected Genes and Traits                             11-12

Cooperators for the 2008 Uniform Regional Scab Nursery for Spring Wheat Parents



North Dakota State University (Langdon):

Scott Halley



South Dakota State University (Brookings):

Karl Glover



University of Minnesota (St. Paul, Crookston):

Jim Anderson, Ruth Dill-Macky, and John Wiersma



Agri-Food Canada, Glenlea, Manitoba:

Jeannie Gilbert and Gavin Humphreys