National Small Grains Collection Activities
H.E. Bockelman
National Small Grains Germplasm Research Facility
PI Assignments in Avena, January 1995 - June 1998
584783 sativa POTOROO Australia South Australia
584824 sativa PENDRAGON United Kingdom Wales
584825 sativa MELYS United Kingdom Wales
584826 sativa KYNON United Kingdom Wales
584827 sativa GERALD United Kingdom Wales
584828 sativa CHAMOIS United Kingdom Wales
584829 sativa ABERGLEN United Kingdom Wales
584830 sativa BETTONG Australia
586952 sativa 74Ab2608 United States Idaho
586953 sativa 90Ab163 United States Idaho
586969 sativa MILTON United States PVP
590937 sativa HARRISON United States PVP
591611 sativa CLASSIC United States Indiana CSR
591808 sativa JERRY United States North Dakota CSR, PVP
591809 sativa PAUL United States North Dakota CSR, PVP
591810 sativa WHITESTONE United States North Dakota CSR, PVP
591930 sativa CARROLUP Australia Western Australia
591931 sativa BIMBIL Australia New South Wales
591948 sativa SSH 421 South Africa Orange Free State
591949 sativa SSH 423 South Africa Orange Free State
591950 sativa 2730-10 Pakistan
592007 sativa ULOV Russian Federation
592008 sativa ANGAR Russian Federation
592009 sativa GRACH Russian Federation
592010 sativa POKROVSKII 9 Russian Federation
592011 sativa MIKU Estonia
592012 sativa YAUGILA Lithuania
592013 sativa BITIK Kazakhstan
592074 sativa MARIS OMEGA United Kingdom England
592075 sativa MARIS TABARD United Kingdom England
592076 sativa MARIS TITAN United Kingdom England
592077 sativa ORLANDO United Kingdom Wales
592078 sativa BLYTH United Kingdom England
592079 sativa PINTO United Kingdom England
592080 sativa MILO United Kingdom Wales
592081 sativa COLT United Kingdom England
592082 sativa OYSTER United Kingdom Wales
592083 sativa CAMROSE United Kingdom Wales
592084 sativa MENAI United Kingdom Wales
592085 sativa BULWARK United Kingdom Wales
592086 sativa BARDSEY United Kingdom Wales
592087 sativa BRANWEN United Kingdom Wales
592088 sativa RHIANNON United Kingdom Wales
592089 sativa MADOG United Kingdom Wales
592090 sativa LUSTRE United Kingdom Wales
592091 sativa MORLAN United Kingdom Wales
592092 sativa EMRYS United Kingdom Wales
592093 sativa CARON United Kingdom Wales
592094 sativa BONTEGO United Kingdom Wales
592095 sativa TOAST United Kingdom Wales
592096 sativa SOLVA United Kingdom Wales
592097 sativa CABANA United Kingdom England
592098 sativa ENVIS United Kingdom Wales
592099 sativa MELIN United Kingdom Wales
592100 sativa DAKOTA United Kingdom Wales
592101 sativa FULMAR United Kingdom England
592102 sativa ROLLO United Kingdom England
592527 sativa BELLE United States Wisconsin PVP
593020 sativa RODGERS United States North Carolina CSR 
594918 sativa AC MUSTANG Canada Alberta CSR
595433 sativa BATES 89 United States California
595901 sativa 86Ab1616 United States Idaho
595902 sativa 88Ab3073 United States Idaho
596284 barbata  B92-46 Bulgaria
596411 sativa CHAIRMAN United States Ohio CSR
596582 sativa CHAPS United States Illinois PVP
596583 sativa RODEO United States Illinois PVP
596631 sativa DALLAS United States Texas CSR, PVP
596755 sativa JIM United States Minnesota PVP
596801 sativa TRIPLE CROWN Sweden PVP
596804 sativa GEM United States PVP
597791 sativa MAGNUM 2000 United States PVP
598081 sativa AC JUNIPER Canada Alberta
599220 sativa CHAPMAN United States PVP
599685 sativa AARRE Finland
599686 sativa KATRI Finland
599687 sativa LISBETH Finland
599688 sativa ROOPE Finland
600860 sativa SOUTHERN STATES 76-30 United States PVP
601137 sativa 833 United States PVP
601168 sativa MAGNUM United States PVP
601538 sativa MESQUITE II United States PVP
602968 sativa BLAZE United States Illinois PVP
603843 sativa RISER United States South Dakota
CSR = Crop Science Registration; PVP = U.S. Plant Variety Protection

Cultivar Name Clearance. Breeders in the United States are encouraged to have proposed names for new cultivars checked for duplication, trademark, and other possible infringements. The National Small Grains Collection will be glad to assist you. Send the proposed name to: Harold E. Bockelman, USDA-ARS-NSGC, P.O. Box 307, Aberdeen, ID 83210, Fax 208-397-4165, If desired, more than one name may be submitted, listed in order of preference. This will save considerable time if a conflict is found with the first name. Available records (GRIN, CI/PI cards, variety files, etc.) here at Aberdeen are checked for conflicts with the proposed name. If a conflict is found (previous use of the name for that crop), the breeder is requested to submit a different name. If no conflicts are found, the requested name is forwarded to the Agricultural Marketing Service where the proposed name is checked for possible conflicts in trademarks, etc. The Agricultural Marketing Service does not guarantee that its findings are the final word since their files may not be complete and/or there may be unregistered trademarks. This clearance procedure generally requires about four weeks.

Elite Germplasm Requested. Breeders are encouraged to consider submitting their elite lines for inclusion in the National Small Grains Collection (NSGC). Of special interest are lines that have been in uniform nurseries, but are not to be released as cultivars. Historically, uniform nurseries been the testing-grounds for the most advanced, elite germplasm from the various public and private breeding programs. Entries in uniform nurseries and other breeding materials that are never released as cultivars are still of potential value to breeders, pathologists, entomologists, and other researchers. Breeders should submit 200-500 g of untreated seed to the NSGC (address: P.O. Box 307, Aberdeen, ID 83210). Seed from outside of the United States should be sent to the USDA Plant Germplasm Quarantine Center (address: Bldg. 580, BARC-East, Beltsville, MD 20705) with enclosed forwarding directions. Provide a description of the germplasm, including: donor (breeder, institution); botanical and common name; cultivar name and/or other identifiers (breeder line or selection number, etc.); pedigree; descriptive information (of important traits and special characteristics); and growth habit. Assignment of a PI number and inclusion in the NSGC makes the germplasm available for research purposes to bona fide scientists in the U.S. and worldwide. Please note that a different procedure applies if you are obtaining Crop Science registration. Follow directions provided by the crop registration committee.

Guidelines for Exporting Seed. All seed sent to a foreign country should be inspected and receive a phytosanitary certificate. In most cases a fee payable to APHIS (Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service) is required to cover the cost of the pc. You may wish to work with APHIS personnel in your state or your State Department of Agriculture to obtain a phytosanitary certificate. Also, please be aware of any import permits and additional declarations that certain importing countries may require to accompany the shipment.

Guidelines for Importing Seed. Scientists importing seed should be aware of any restrictions that apply. USDA-APHIS personnel can provide current information on applicable restrictions. Oat scientists should be aware that Avena sterilis is classified as a Noxious Weed in the U.S. and, thus, requires a permit from USDA-APHIS for receiving seed and grow-outs.

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