A. Palágyi
Cereal Research Non-Profit Company, Szeged, Hungary
GK-lringó is a new Hungarian oat variety coming from the crossing of GK-3/Iris/GK-Pillangó. (GK-3: an old Hungarian variety with strong stem and good standability; Iris: a genotype with Mediterranean origin and not susceptible to virus diseases and fungi; GK-Pillangó: a Hungarian oat variety produced on the majority of the oat growing area in Hungary, with wide adaptability and excellent drought tolerance.)

The main morphological attributes of GK-Iringó: a medium tall oat variety with strong stem and vigorous tillering. Its panicle has equilateral symmetry. It is a mid-ripening variety with yellow grain colour.

The advantageous properties of GK-Iringó:

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