Minutes of the American Oat Workers Business Meeting
July 28, 1998, Winnipeg, Manitoba

The meeting was called to order by Brian Rossnagel, chair.

(1) Minutes of the last meeting of the AOWC, held June 22, 1994, at Minneapolis, Minnesota

(2) Oat Workers' Code of Ethics Report (3) International Oat Parent Germplasm Exchange Nursery (4) Retirement and Necrology Recognitions (5) Oat Crop Germplasm Committee (6) Oat Newsletter Editorial Committee (7) Oat Newsletter Publication (8) Gene Nomenclature and Cataloguing Committee (9) 2002 Site Selection Committee (10) Distinguished Service to Oat Improvement Awards (11) Nomination Committee (12) Resolutions Committee (13) The meeting was adjourned by the passing of the chairmanship of the AOWC from Brian Rossnagel to Fred Kolb.

Reported by

Howard Rines
AOWC Secretary


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