A New Network is Born: The Oat and Vetch Maghreb Network
C. Al Faïz
Programme Fourrages, Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique
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In order to consolidate the linkage between the Maghreb scientists involved in oat research, a network was constituted in 1997 and concern the vetch because a great part of the oat acreage is used as a mixture with oat. The International Center of Arid Regions and Dry Areas (ICARDA, Aleppo-Syria) contributed to the network constitution by funding the first meeting, held in Rabat, June 1997. The Charter of Oat and Vetch Maghreb Network is described below.

Article I. Creation of the Network

Considering the importance of oat and vetch in the forage production for animal feed in the North African countries: Algeria, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia; due to the necessity to coordinate researcher efforts and information exchange concerning results, genetic exchange and development of seed multiplication; and in order to strengthen research on oat and vetch husbandry and utilization in the Maghreb institutions; representatives of the four countries cited below and who signed the present charter decided to create the oat and vetch network Maghreb (REMAV)

Article II. Constitution of the Network

REMAV is constituted by the membership from universities, research and development institutions of the four countries. Any other public and private institution or association involved in oat and vetch utilization could contribute to achieve REMAV objectives as mentioned in Article III below.

Article III. Objectives of the Network

The objectives of REMAV are as follows:
- strengthening of the intra-maghrebin co-operation by experience exchange;
- technology transfer of the available results on oat and vetch;
- promotion and development of oat and vetch research in the Maghreb region;
- contribution to the development of oat and vetch seed production.

Article IV. Organizational Structure

REMAV is organized as follows:

1. Regional Coordinator

The network coordinator is elected by the memberships of REMAV for two years. He is responsible for :
- coordination of research activities on oat and vetch between the four countries;
- follow-up and evaluation of REMAV activities in collaboration with national coordinators;
- workshop and traveling workshop organization;
- elaboration and management of network budget;
- contact establishment between the network and fund allowing organizations.
In the absence of the regional coordinator, the national coordinator of the same country insures the interim.

2. Working Group

The research teams are organized in three working groups :
- breeding and genetic resources;
- production and utilization;
- seed production.

The main tasks of each group are :
- definition of the priority research themes;
- elaboration of the work plan;
- carrying out the planned activities;
- writing reports and brochures for technology transfer.

3. Executing Committee

The executing committee involves the directors of national research and development institutions and any other organization which provide substantial financial support to the network. The tasks of this committee are :
- resolving some problems raised by the regional coordinator;
- evaluation of the network progress;
- approbation of the network work plan and annual reports;
- budget approbation.

4. National Coordinators

National coordinators are elected for two years and are in charge of coordinating network activities in their country. They are the representatives of their country researchers.

Article V. Network Funding

REMAV budget is funded from network constitutive countries and foreign donors. The allocated budget is shared as follows:
- Supplies 50%
- Equipment 30%
- Publication and diffusion : 20%
Formation, congress, workshop and traveling workshops fees are directly negotiated with donors.

Article VI. Network Publication

Network publications consist of :
- activities reports;
- brochures and technical notes of technology transfer;
- Papers in scientific or technical reviews.

Article VII. Network Meetings

REMAV organizes a meeting once every two years, but annual meetings could be held if necessary. At the ordinary meeting the following points are discussed :
- Presentation and discussion of the research and development activities reports;
- Financial status;
- Election of new regional and national coordinators;
- Work plan for the two next years;
- Amendment of the present charter if necessary.
An extraordinary meeting will take place if 50% of the members consider its opportunity.

Achieved in Rabat, Morocco, 21 June 1997

The Regional coordinator of the network during 1997-98 and 1998-99 is Al Faïz Chaouki. Of course the Network is welcoming every collaboration from anyone interested in collaborative work. Oat is an important crop for this region (North Africa) and it is called to play a more important role in the future due to the economic value of the livestock.


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