AC Rebel
P. D. Brown, S.D. Duguid, J. Chong, D. E. Harder, S. Haber, and J. S. Noll
Cereal Research Center, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada, 195 Dafoe Road, Winnipeg, MB, Canada R3T 2M9

A spring oat developed by the Cereal Research Centre (formerly Winnipeg Research Centre) in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It bears the accession number W91165 and OT277 and was tested in the Western Oat Co-op Test from 1993 to 1995.

AC Rebel originated from the cross ND820603 / 86RAT29.

Based on agronomic, kernel quality and disease data, AC Rebel is well suited for the brown soil zone of Saskatchewan and Alberta. In this zone, its yield is equal to or greater than all of the check cultivars. Although it yields well in the black soil zone of Manitoba and Saskatchewan, it should not be grown in the rust area because of its inadequate crown rust resistance.

The lodging resistance of AC Rebel is better than Dumont, Derby or Cascade. It matures half a day earlier than Dumont, half a day later than Derby but 3 days later than Cascade. AC Rebel is shorter than all of the checks.

AC Rebel has good kernel quality. Over 3 years of Co-op testing, its test weight is greater than Dumont's or Cascade's but less than Derby's. At 34.6 grams per 1000, the kernel weight of AC Rebel is adequate but less than Dumont, Derby or Cascade. AC Rebel has fewer plump kernels than the 3 checks but more thin kernels than Dumont, Derby or Cascade. The hull to groat ratio of AC Rebel is better than Dumont's or Cascade but not as good as Derby's. At 4.9%, AC Rebel has a higher oil content than Dumont, Derby or Cascade. AC Rebel has a white hull.

At 12.7% protein, AC Rebel has 5.8% more protein than either Dumont or Cascade (both of which have 12.0% protein) and 7.6% more protein than Derby (at 11.8% protein). Because of its superior lodging resistance, this improved protein content could likely be increased further by increasing the application of nitrogen fertilizer, without problems of lodging. Low protein content has been cited as a problem of Canadian oats in the export market; AC Rebel addresses this perceived deficiency.

AC Rebel has very good BYDV tolerance and is resistant to all races of loose and covered smut to which it has been tested. It has the major crown rust resistance genes Pc38 and Pc39. It carries Pg13 and likely Pg2 for stem rust resistance but does not carry Pg9 as indicated by its susceptible reaction to CR192.

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