David Goslin
Dave Goslin has announced his retirement from the Quaker Oats Company of Canada Ltd. effective August 19, 1998. After graduating from Guelph University in Dairy Science, and from McMaster University with an MBA, Dave worked several years in a technical capacity for a national dairy. He joined Quaker Oats in 1974, and has since served as Director of Quality Assurance for Quaker Canada, leading the technical team at Quaker in establishing many key quality initiatives and maintaining Quaker's reputation for producing high quality and nutritional food products.
In particular, Dave Goslin has been heavily involved for over 20 years as Quaker's leader in Oat Research programs. The objective has been to support government and university teams in the development and release of high yielding, good milling quality oat varieties that can be used in Quaker's mills. Additionally, he has supported the programs by supplying nutritional analyses and milling quality evaluation of breeding material. Dave has been very active in establishing cooperative ventures between industry, government, and academia. He has been politically active in seeking government support for oat research and was the driving force behind saving oat research programs in Winnipeg, Guelph, and Quebec. We congratulate his efforts to maintain the support and supply of ongoing oat varieties that not only meet the quality requirements of the end consumer but also those of the millers and field producers.


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