Some Characteristics of New Winter Oat Cultivar "VRANAC"
Dragoljub Maksimovic, Dusan Urosevic and Vesna Grujic
A.R.I. "SRBIJA" Center for Small Grains, Kragujevac, Yugoslavia
In 1998, the Yugoslav Variety Approvement Commision approved to the Center for Small Grains - Kragujevac, Yugoslavia, the release of a new winter oat cultivar named "Vranac". Vranac" was developed from a cross between the Yugoslav winter oat cultivar "Novosadski" and the cultivar "Winter oats 32/84" from the United States of America. Vranac botanically belongs to Avena sativa L.

Dr. Dragoljub Maksimovic and Miodrag Krsti, dipl. ing., are the breeders of the new winter oat cultivar "Vranac". Results based on three years of microtrials indicated that the new winter oat cultivar had an average grain yield of 5087 kg/ha. The standard cultivar "Mustang" had 4373 kg/ha, which was significantly higher yield for LSD0,05 and LSD0,01.

Cultivar "Vranac" has higher level of freezing tolerance on temperature - 12°C. It has significantly shorter stem height, higher content of crude proteins and lipids in BEM then the standard cultivar "Mustang" (Table 1). Genetic potential for grain yield of the new winter oat cultivar Vranac is over 7000

kg/ha. Resistance to Erysiphe graminis avenae in 1996 (Kragujevac) was complete.

Table 1. some characteristics of new winter oat cultivar Vranac

Characteristic Vranac Mustang (Standard)
Mean grain yield in period 1993-1996 year 

Difference in grain yield kg/ha 



Mean 1000 kernels weight (g) 28.67 29.47
Mean grain test weight (kg) 55.19 53.28
Mean plant height (cm) 105.10 123.70
Mean percentage of resistant plants to low temp (-12C), 24 h exposure 94.11 27.27
Erysiphe graminis resistance in 1996 year in Kragujevac (%) 0 0
Lodging resistance (0-9); 0 - resistant; 9 - susceptible 1.2 0.2
Crude protein content in 1997 in Kragujevac (%) 13.31 12.62
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