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Welcome to PIECE! (PIECE 2.0 released)

PIECE is a plant gene structure comparison and evolution database with 25 species. Annotated genes were extracted from the species and classified based on Pfam motif. Phylogenetic tree was reconstructed for each gene category integrated exon-intron and protein motif information. Both the sequences and gene structure information for each identified gene are freely available for online access on the PIECE website.

Why use PIECE?

The PIECE database provides a user-friendly graphical viewer that displays a gene structure pattern diagram linked to the resulting bootstrapped dendrogram for each gene family. Gene structure information can be displayed and retrieved in nucleotide sequence or in aligned protein sequence. We also developed a JavaScript viewing tool to view the evolution of orthologous gene group, which was analyzed using the GLOOME, Exalign and GECA program. PIECE also accepts user's sequences to perform gene structure and gene family annotation.

“The PIECE database can provide valuable information for plant researchers for the analysis of gene structure evolution and for elucidating the biological function of the proteins. We hope that PIECE may become a useful resource for the research community, especially in the study of gene exon-intron evolution.”

Data Source

Now, the PIECE contains genes identified in 25 species. Genome sequences, transcript sequences and protein sequences were downloaded from Phytozome, TAIR, RAP and Genoscope.