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GrainGenes Map Data Report: Barley, OWB

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Map Data
Barley, OWB
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Hordeum vulgare
Female Parent
Wolfe Multiple Recessive
Male Parent
Wolfe Multiple Dominant
Map Units
ReferenceWolfe RI et al. (1996) Multiple Dominant and Recessive Genetic Marker Stock Development Barley Genetics Newsletter 25:57-59.
Hayes, Patrick M.
The Oregon Wolfe Barley doubled haploid mapping population is a resource for gene mapping and discovery. Linkage map construction is an evolving process. The current map is built with a range of markers. These include: 11 morphological markers (NEPs), 79 Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphisms (RFLP)s, one intron fragment length polymorphism (IFLP) and 50 simple sequence repeats (SSRs). Of the SSRs, 21 are not yet publicly available - these are designated with an X, followed by the chromosome and the sequential locus number on each chromosome, e.g. X1.1 for the first SSR mapped on chromosome 1 (7H) etc. Additional information on the markers in the linkage map is available at http://barleyworld.org. Also available at this site are the AFLP data and maps reported by Costa et al. (2001).
The current linkage map were generated by Luis Marquez-Cedillo (Oregon State University). Linkage analysis was performed using JoinMap v3.0 (Van Ooijen and Voorrips, 2001) using default values. Locus orders correspond to published maps and cM distances between marker loci are generally comparable to published maps, as is evident in the alignment of the OWB linkage maps with the BIN map of Kleinhofs and Graner (2001), which is also posted at http://barleygenomics.wsu.edu/. Map alignments were accomplished by first identifying framework markers in common to the OWB and BIN maps. For regions where no markers were in common, BIN limits on the OWB maps were inferred based on cM distance.
Data Curator
Carollo, Victoria
Barley, alm (albino lemma) phenotype
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