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About THT

Data access policy

All data on THT will be made public within six months of release by the THT curators. During the six month period, the data will only be available to members of the Barley CAP Team unless explicitly released by the data creators.

Software availability

The THT software is available under the GNU General Public License (LICENSE), and may be downloaded from github. It requires Unix, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. Details are in the INSTALL document.

THT team

Julie A. DickersonElectrical and Computer Engineering, Iowa State UniversityPrincipal Investigator
Roger P. WiseUSDA-ARS
Department of Plant Pathology
Iowa State University
Principal Investigator
Shreyartha MukherjeeBioinformatics and Computational Biology, Iowa State UniversityDeveloper/Bioinformatics
Kartic RameshComputer Science, Iowa State UniversityDeveloper
Gavin MonroeSoftware Engineering, Iowa State UniversityDeveloper
Ethan WilderComputer Engineering, Iowa State UniversityDeveloper (Alumnus)
Yong HuangBioinformatics and Computational Biology, Iowa State UniversityDeveloper/Bioinformatics (Alumnus)
Jennifer KlingDept. of Crop and Soil Science Oregon State UniversityPhenotype and pedigree data curation
Shiaoman ChaoUSDA-ARS Biosciences Research Lab, Fargo, NDSNP data production and curation
Tim CloseBotany and Plant Sciences
University of California
Riverside, CA
Assembly and SNP context information from HarvEST: Barley
Peter BradburyUSDA-ARS, Cornell University, Ithaca, NYPedigree information and links to TASSEL


SCRI Germinate Development Team (David Marshall, Paul Shaw)
PLEXdb Development Team at Iowa State University (Ethy Cannon and Sudhansu Dash)
Gramene Database (Doreen Ware)
GrainGenes Database (David Matthews) USDA/ARS, Cornell University