Deletion Maps of Triticum aestivum cv. Chinese Spring, Chromosome 1A, 1B, and 1D

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Please "click" on a wheat chromosome bin (left) to link directly to a list of tentatively mapped candidate loci in wEST-SQL
(with best match to NCBI Genbank non-redundant database nucleic acid and peptide sequences [E-value score included]).

Select links to the most probable rice genome match by selecting the corresponding link to the Gramene database (right).

These mapping data are being made public in a preliminary, unverified state because of their potential value to the research
community. These data are in the process of validation and are therefore subject to change. A comprehensive listing of wheat
ESTs matched to the rice genome may be found as a supplement to the publication ME Sorrells, M La Rota, et al. 2003.
Comparative DNA Sequence Analysis of Wheat and Rice Genomes. Genome Research 13:1818-1827.

NSF Project #DBI-9975989. See: