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The wheat EST database (wEST) database is an ACEDB database housed on wheat.pw.usda.gov. It is accessible from either the wheat.pw.usda.gov or ceres.plbr.cornell.edu project machines. To allow viewing of these databases over the world-wide-web, we are using a combination of the AcePerl/AceBrowser and webace packages to display queries to ACEDB. The wEST database is primarily the pooled resources of Triticeae expressed sequence tags (ESTs). The models set up for wEST are essentially compatible with the GrainGenes database which will be the ultimate repository for this information. With this feature, we also make use of many of the models used for Map displays, and are in a position to link the ESTs with mapped positions.

Starting the wEST Database to View Mapping Information

  1. Go to the wEST web-site at http://wheat.pw.usda.gov/perl/ace/search/wEST [this is a real link, but don't select it unless you've already seen this tutorial]

  2. Scroll down the Class menu and highlight "Map"; then click on "Search ACE".