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GrainGenes Image Report: A. strigosa x A. wiestii DE

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Image Name
A. strigosa x A. wiestii DE
Avena strigosa
Avena wiestii
Map Data
Diploid Oat, Iowa St.
Linkage map of diploid Avena representing the A genome. With the aid of MAPMAKER 1.9 (Lander et al. 1988) 208 RFLP markers and 1 locus (Pca) conferring resistance to Puccinia coronata were assigned to ten linkage groups (A-G, L, M, and O). Numbers on the right of a linkage group represent map distances in cM. Designations on the left are marker or gene names. Some allele frequencies displayed segregation ratios skewed toward the strigosa (crosses), wiestii (#), and heterozygote (*) genotypes, respectively. Thin lines represent regions between groups of markers linked by a LOD score greater than or equal to 3.0, but with a distance greater than 30 cM. Thick lines represent regions between markers linked by less than 30 cM at LOD 5.0
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