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Soft red winter wheat-NAFTA.

June Hancock, Craig Allen, David Hill, and Richard Gray.

The 1998-99 growing season was extremely warm. Lush growth throughout the entire season contributed to problems with lodging and increased disease pressure. In southern areas, wheat with long vernalization requirements did not head properly in some cases. Increased pressure from aphids and Hessian fly also was a problem. An increased incidence of BYDV was observed due to the increased aphid populations. We are seeing a change in leaf rust races; however, COKER 9663 is maintaining resistance in the mid-south. COKER 9704 is performing well in the upper areas of the southeastern U.S.

BL930390, BL931167, and BL940582 were tested in the Uniform Eastern Nursery, and BL930390, BL940026, and BL940812 were entered in the Uniform Southern Nursery.

Our pathologist, Luis Lazo-Anaya, has established a Fusarium head blight nursery in which we have screened lines over the past 2 years. Richard Gray has joined our staff as a research technician.