Chromosome-level genome assembly of the diploid oat species Avena longiglumis

[Posted in April 2024]

Qing et al. published the genome assembly of Avena longilgumis (wild relative of oat Avena sativa).

Diploid wild oat Avena longiglumis has nutritional and adaptive traits which are valuable for common oat (A. sativa) breeding. The combination of Illumina, Nanopore and Hi-C data allowed us to assemble a high-quality chromosome-level genome of A. longiglumis (ALO), evidenced by contig N50 of 12.68 Mb with 99% BUSCO completeness for the assembly size of 3,960.97 Mb. A total of 40,845 protein-coding genes were annotated. The assembled genome was composed of 87.04% repetitive DNA sequences. Dotplots of the genome assembly (PI657387) with two published ALO genomes were compared to indicate the conservation of gene order and equal expansion of all syntenic blocks among three genome assemblies. Two recent whole-genome duplication events were characterized in genomes of diploid Avena species. These findings provide new knowledge for the genomic features of A. longiglumis, give information about the species diversity, and will accelerate the functional genomics and breeding studies in oat and related cereal crops.

Liu Qing*, Xiong Gui, Wang Ziwei, Wu Yongxing, Tu Tieyao, Trude Schwarzacher, John Seymour (Pat) Heslop-Harrison*. Chromosome-level genome assembly of the diploid oat species Avena longiglumis. Scientific Data, 2024, 11, 421.

Data stored weblinks:
NCBI Sequence Read Archive (2022).

NCBI RNA Sequencing Data (2023).

NCBI Assembly (2023).